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[CDMA] sd card performance tests for apps 'n' OSs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by paully, May 4, 2012.

  1. paully

    paully Well-Known Member
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    The Mrs. and I get our new sd cards today. We went with Sandisk 32GB Class 4, part number SDSDQM-032G-B35N, $30 on Newegg. This choice was largely based on the small block random write ability of this card. I couldn't find a faster one that's 32GB. This thread is where I first learned of why one cares about small block random write: SD Strange-results - or - How I learned to love CM7 on SD - Dec-11 results compiled! - xda-developers. This thread struck me as very noteworthy, as many assume class is the best, even only, thing to pay attention to for apps to sd applications.

    That thread has inspired me to play with some benchmarking. Not just standard i/o, but to measure performance of running some app or rom from the sd card itself in a qualitative way, not just "the app/rom runs better on this this/that card", and compare this against the Random Write 4KB (QD=32) that the folks in the above thread claim is the key to smooth running.

    The short term plan is to run some benchmark app, so far planning on AnTuTu v2.7.3, from:
    1. app on phone
    2. app on the stock 8GB/class2
    3. app on the new 32GB/class4
    and to do this from both my 3vo and wife's evo.

    This will all be compiled along with the results of the Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.1 (x64)'s analyses of the sd cards, taken first just through via the phone/usb. I don't know if I should be using a card reader (and not the phone) to test the sd cards like this. I'll prolly try both and see the difference.

    When running the benchmark app from the cards, I'd like to move everything over (i.e. entire app + data + app cache). TB only moves the app data over. I'm looking for something like the Darktremor script that the evo folks get to use ([Script][A2SD]Darktremor Beta 04 [Evo] (01/29/2011) - xda-developers), which right now our phone isn't on the compatibility list.

    If anyone has any comments concerning:
    - is this a good plan, do you think running the app from the phone will test what I want it, which ultimately is to determine which card will be the best card to run Ubuntu from (which may eventually offer additional benchmarking options)?
    - any suggestions of a method of moving the app over, ala Darktremor?
    - have you seen this done somewhere already?

    they are greatly appreciated!

  2. paully

    paully Well-Known Member
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    ok. so I'd read a post somewhere that TB only moved data over to the sd card.
    while AnTuTu was still on the phone the size (du -s) of:
    /data/data was 362652 and
    /data/app was 285660
    at this point, in both the /data/data /data/app folders, I ran "ls > datalist_bef.txt" and "ls > applist_bef.txt" respectively.

    after using TB to move AnTuTu to the sd card, "du -s" yielded:
    /data/data was 362230 and
    /data/app was 283384
    again in both folder I dumped the "ls" outputs to differect files (e.g. datalist_aft.txt), then ran (in the correct folders of course):
    "diff applist_bef.txt applist_aft.txt"
    which had a line: "-com.antutu.ABenchMark-.apk"
    and ran:
    "diff datalist_bef datalist_aft.txt"
    which had a line: "com.antutu.ABenchMark"

    I believe, contrary to what I've read in the post, this is telling me that TB moved removed both the .apk file from the /data/app folder and the data file from the /data/data folder.

    so, anyone know how I can verify whether the app cache was moved as well?

    again I'm trying to verify whether the whole app is running from the sd card (entire app + data + cache). then use the results of the benchmark to compare how different sd cards perform.


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