Apr 26, 2012
Hi Everyone..OK I have rooted my samsung galaxy in the past successfully. I now own a evo 3d and there's a so many different tutorials. Here's what I did...
Turned on USB debugging...and turned off fastboot. GSM
Hboot 1.49

So I went to Revolutionary website downloaded and installed everything without a hitch. Where it used to say locked now says Revolutionary with S-OFF.

I rebooted the phone but rootcheck says I'm not rooted..So I went back into hboot and everything was still revolutionary and s-off and then tried installing the and I got installation aborted.
So now what do I do? I don't want to screw this up.
So I rebooted the phone....Superuser in the apps and the root verify is showing success although I had installation aborted.
I also can't find recovery.img in my sd the instructions is says rename 'recovery-twrp-shooter-1.1.1.img' to recovery.img but I can't find the file to rename it.
You may not have not gotten the full SU patch flashed, but the APK might be there, now. I would suggest you go back into recovery (I'm assuming you have Clockwork Recovery installed) and try flashing the SU patch, again. I think it sometimes aborts on the first run.

Edit: It appears that when I made the GSM version, I didn't change that line. It should now read like this:

Now, rename the file 'cwm-' to 'recovery.img'. You don't have to do this, but it's just easier if you do. Place this file in your sdk-tools folder.

The file you get is linked in the beginning of the step. For reference, it is here:

After you rename that file, you keep it on your computer's harddrive in whatever folder you have fastboot in. If you're on windows and following that example, it should be C:\sdk-tools.
ok that all's rooted and all successful..I've wiped everything and decided to use KingCobra rom since it's based of Rogers same network I'm on. The issue is my data is not working. SMS, phone calls and wifi all work. No data connection. I tried finding the apn for rogers and put it in manually but that didn't work.
I hope you made a backup :(

I would try either:

Wipe system, data, cache and reflash the ROM (maybe just a bad flash). If still no go, check the md5 to make sure you got a valid download. If you search for md5 verify, you'll find some in both Android and Windows varieties.


Pick a different ROM. Something hopefully more compatible with your phone. I would try leedroid.