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[CDMA] Xposed framework modules

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Odin89, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey, was wondering if anyone wanted to share their set up or cool modules for our device. I use xposed frameworks and gravitybox module. Its sweet but I'm always looking for good tweeks. Thanks

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  2. dogdayz

    dogdayz Well-Known Member

    I tweak mine wit gravity box I set my native bar like the android "L" style plus the heads up on it...
  3. MidshipAc

    MidshipAc Well-Known Member

    I just bought the moto g but I use gravity box as well.
  4. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sweet, I replaced the navbar with pie, freed up half an inch of screen haha looks very smooth without that black bar on the bottom border. There's a Android L theme supported by xposed for moto devices, havent had a chance to mess with it yet


    the no font version is for moto devices if ud like to check it out
  5. dogdayz

    dogdayz Well-Known Member

    Theres one built in gravity box go into "navigation bar tweaks" and switch on master switch on scoll down to android L navigation keys....reboot and enjoy
  6. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Android Expert

    Here's mine:

  7. dogdayz

    dogdayz Well-Known Member

    lmao @Seraph08 :D
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  8. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Not jus navbar, but settings/calculator/status bar icons/themed framework/boot animation. little theme module/tweaks gravitybox doesn't offer, I'll check it out after work to b sure :) thought it'd b cool
  9. dogdayz

    dogdayz Well-Known Member

    lol i knw i dont tweak my moto that much but ill check those out as well
  10. I have been using Gravitybox for L navigation bar, data traffic monitor, quick settings quick pull down and swipe to notifications, signal bar and battery, pie controls and auto expand volume panel. Maybe more. Xblast tools for power menu, notification panel tweaks, lock screen, text and spinner colors, toast and popup colors, + more. Xuimod for scrolling, listview and toast animations. Complete Action Plus. Xhalo floating window. Screen filter to dim screen at night more than what it normally will, and to put all these settings in one easy to find place, Xposed Preference Injector to put the apps with a ui in settings list. I do not get force closes as long as its set up right. You can't have more than one module modifying the same exact thing. You can have both Gravitybox and Xblast change something in the status bar for instance, but they can't both be set to change the same thing in the status bar. If you try them both, don't be surprised by the 2 clocks and 2 batteries, you just have to turn one off on one module or the other. I have nearly every mod available on custom ROMs. You just have to play around with them a bit. This phone seems to tolerate Xposed mods a lot better than previous phones I've had.
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  11. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Now that's awesome, never heard of those modules I'll have to check em out! Another thing I was wondering is does having all these modules bite a chunk outa ram? I would think so but at the most I see xposed in the task mngr at 55mb and that's only occasionally
  12. I'm sure it does, and I've thought about that but never checked it out. I've never had any lag issues even running them on custom ROMs and I score around 17000 with stock on Antutu with them all active which is only slightly less than before any apps are installed. I wish they'd get Xposed working with ART.

    Edit: you should checkout the new Team Blackout apps if you like blacked out or clear. There's not as many as there used to be but there's a few good ones.
  13. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Good stuff, never heard of team blackout apps, could always use some app tweakage. And yes the moto g seems to accept xposed very well no lags or FCS yet, I dig it. Don't quite understand art, a dev tool? Or dalvic replacement? Was reading alittle about it
  14. Dalvic replacement.
  15. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ah ok. Was looking at some of the permissions of xblast and it looks kinda shady, send/receive SMS, use camera without permission, access to Google play wallets, are any of these worth raising an eye brow? First time I've seen an app say "this may cost you money" haha just curious.
  16. It nerds permissions for SMS for lock screen notifications and peek, camera permissions for on-the-go mode, and there's a donate option I haven't checked out yet I think gives you some extra tweaks which would require Google Wallet permissions if you use Google Wallet. Really nothing shady, some apps need certain permissions for certain things to work, that's just the way android is.

    Edit: when apps ask for permissions for something that the app isn't supposed to have anything to do with is when you want to worry. Check out this Xposed module Fake I'd Fix and read the thread on XDA, there's a link in Xposed where you download the modules. I almost forgot about that module.
  17. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I thought it had to do with features just wanted to make sure, read about fake I'd fix, grabbing it now haha thanks
  18. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Android Expert

    Xposed was created and is maintained by reptilian shapeshifters.
  19. LOL!
  20. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ahahaha! Slee stak
  21. Slayer1822

    Slayer1822 Member

    Right now I'm running

    Battery Home Icon (Shows an android L like home button that doubles as a circle battery indicator)

    Dimensions editor (Edit things like navbar width/height, Statusbar width/height, etc)

    Gesture Navigation (self explanatory)

    Heads Up Notifications (I think everyone knows what that is)

    MinMingaurd (ADblock)

    QuickPic2Gallery (changes the QuickPic app name to Gallery)

    Smooth System Progress Bars (makes the progress bars animations more smooth)

    Wanam Kit (adds some settings like clock postion, etc)

    Xstana (Change the look of your Navigation/Status bar), and xSuite (change apps name/icon)
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  22. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Android Expert

    Xposed was created by revo89, have a nice day :p

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