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Cell Companies Android Updates

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by jalane50, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. jalane50

    jalane50 Lurker
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    I believe Google is about to fumble the ball, so to speak. I sense a growing frustration with users with how various service providers are handling the updates to Android on their devices, such as Rogers in Canada. There doesn't seem to be any uniform system of rolling out Android updates to all the various devices people are using. I can understand if an older device is not functionally able to handle a new version because of hardware limitations but when a company doesn't offer an update to a phone that is capable of handling it, that will cause major problems for Google/Android. I haven't had my HTC Magic all that long but an unable to upgrade to Android 2.0 without rooting the phone which I'm not inclined to try. It's a TIM's version and so far I can find no information about the latest version of Android in the works for it. To say the least, I find that very frustrating.

  2. brykins

    brykins Android Enthusiast

    What's concerning me even more is that there are now three paid Android applications that I want to buy and none of them show up on the Market. Some people are telling me that the Market is Google's, others are telling me that T-Mobile are able to block/approve applications for their Market. No-one told me that when I signed up and I don't know how to go forward with getting these apps.

    Another area where fragmentation is going to have a big negative influence on the take-up of Android. This DOESN'T happen to iPhone users.
  3. milrtime83

    milrtime83 Android Enthusiast

    If apps aren't showing up in the market it is most likely because they don't work on the version of androyou have. T-mo doesn't have the ability to block apps.

    Also, when apple updates the display on the next iphone they will run into some of the same problems android has, though probably not as bad. I could see apple forcing devs to make sure their apps work on all iphones before approving them.
  4. brykins

    brykins Android Enthusiast

    The developer of Record It has told me it works on 1.5. The free versions of both Twidroid AND Flight Director work on 1.5 so I can't see why the full versions wouldn't work.

    It just seems that no-one knows (a) whether networks DO have the ability to block appsor (b) who to contact in this kind of event.
  5. lekky

    lekky Lover

    Think about it, I would say the majority of android users don't even know there are any updates available. Not everyone with an android phone is tech savvy enough to join a forum, or care enough about there new phone to check if there are any updates to its os (would they even know what an os is?)

    So no, I don't think google are fumbling anything... (Its the service providers anyway)

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