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Cellebrite selected to deliver Cellebrite Touch mobile phone diagnostics tool to Metro stores.

Discussion in 'Metro PCS' started by Gman9831, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Today @MWC, Cellebrite, the leading provider of mobile data transfer & mobile forensic solutions, announced that it has been selected to deliver the Cellebrite Touch mobile phone diagnostics solution to MetroPCS. The solution is the 1st of its kind in N.A., providing agents with the ability to quickly "detect & correct" mobile phone issues in the store as part of a suite of applications designed to optimize wireless retail operations.

    "Consumers demand rapid resolution when issues arise with their mobile devices & MetroPCS is committed to providing the best service as quickly as possible," said Doug Glen, senior VP, corporate development, MetroPCS. "Arming our in-store agents with the appropriate tools, like the Cellebrite Touch diagnostic solution, helps agents quickly identify & address common problems & gives customers the best overall in-store & mobile experience."

    The Cellebrite Touch diagnostics solution enables the immediate identification & resolution of simple mobile device faults in retail stores by existing retail agents. Previously, mobile phone diagnostics involved a time & resource consuming work cycle that required faulty mobile phones to be sent to an off-site repair center. Now, using the Cellebrite Touch's automated diagnostics capability, in-store agents can run a diagnostic process on any supported device that is suspected to be faulty. The solution provides real-time analysis of device, memory, storage & network information, as well as CPU & RAM performance. The diagnostics application can update devices with the latest firmware.

    Jim Grady, CEO, Cellebrite USA commented: "With a significant reduction in No Fault Found devices during our initial rollout, and industry statistics indicating that returns can cost retailers as much as $100 a device, we expect that our diagnostics solution will allow wireless retailers to significantly lower costs associated with unnecessary repairs & exchanges."

    Cellebrite's diagnostics capabilities address 11 of the most common issues faced by mobile phone users including:-- Screen freezing
    -- Camera
    -- LCD display
    -- Battery
    -- Sound
    -- Touch screen
    -- Connectivity
    -- Power cycling
    -- Sensors
    -- Vibration
    -- Physical Keyboard

    The Cellebrite Touch diagnostics solution is delivered as part of an integrated suite of applications that optimize wireless retail operations to increase revenue, boost margins, and improve customer satisfaction. With support for more than 5,000 models and all major mobile operating systems, the Cellebrite Touch delivers the industry's fastest phone-to-phone content transfer, back-up, and restore, a fully automated phone trade-in program out of the box, application content and delivery at the point of sale, and robust diagnostics in a single, integrated solution. To learn more about Cellebrite Touch and its diagnostics capabilities please visit www.cellebrite.com/retail-products.

    About Cellebrite
    Found in 1999, Cellebrite's a global company known for its tech breakthroughs in the cellular industry. The pioneers in mobile phone content transfer, today Cellebrite provides a complete range of solutions for the mobile retail industry such as phone content transfer, backup & restore, diagnostics & application and content delivery at the point of sale.
    Cellebrite is the exclusive provider of POS data transfer to more than 150 wireless carriers W.W. including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, O2, Radio Shack, Orange, Vodafone & more.

    Cellebrite selected to deliver mobile phone diagnostics to MetroPCS stores nationwide


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