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"Certified, Like New" is a joke

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jmz768, May 24, 2011.

  1. jmz768

    jmz768 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Even though it's well known that the cause of the reboots are software related, I figured I'd try for a replacement hoping that the update hadn't been applied as I never had the problem prior to installing it.

    First phone arrives and appears to be in like new condition. There were no scratches anywhere to be found. Put the battery in, turned it on and found the worst light leakage imaginable. I used to think that people were being picky returning phones for a little light leakage but after seeing how bad it can be, I don't blame them at all

    Second phone arrives and the first thing I do is check for light leakage. This one is almost perfect with only the slightest hint of leakage. Not a problem so far. Checked for scratches and again, phone passes with flying colors. Then I happen to press on the small piece that runs across the bottom of the screen and the whole thing moved. Compared it to my current phone to find that mine was rock solid. Then I happen to notice that the little "void" sticker on the screw under the battery cover is missing.

    Also, the second replacement already had the update applied. I can't fault Verizon for this but thought I'd mention it in case people are assuming that a replacement won't have the most recent updates.

    So after trying two replacements, I give up and will wait out a software update to fix the rebooting issues. What annoys me most is that Verizon doesn't appear to have a good system in place and are basically recycling phones from people who have complained about certain issues hoping that the next person who receives it won't complain.

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  2. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Yeah, I read somewhere that the inspections for refirb phones with Verizon consists of a 60 second inspection for each phone. I try my best to keep the original phone I purchase as there is no telling what a replacement will bring.
  3. garnto

    garnto Android Enthusiast

    why don't you just root your current phone?
  4. I am on my 5th replacement each one has a different issue than the last. It is getting old. If the next update doesnt fix the problem I am going into verizon and either getting them to exchange it for a different phone or I will consider switching carriers. I have been with verizon for over 8 years and never had issues with top of the line phones like I have had with this one.
  5. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    I went through this last year with a Droid X. I bought it on launch day and due to the backorder situation I was not able to swap it out until I got a good one. I think I had 7 until they switched me to a Droid 2 that had the same power and freezing issues. Then switched me to the Fascinate that worked other then the gps. Point of the story is Verizon refurbs are garbage. They will say they have a 100+ point test and every phone is like new but its not true. You might as well keep your broken phone because your just going to get someone elses.
  6. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Android Expert

    I must be a lucky one, I have only got 1 certified replacement and I did not have any issues with the replacement. I am sure they don't check them to thoroughly, just depends if you are lucky or not.
  7. Silent Thunder

    Silent Thunder Well-Known Member

    They are terrible I just went through three of them. These phones are not even refurbished by HTC. They are refurbished by New Breed Logistics of Fort Worth TX. Everyone I got was a mess here is a picture of one of them with screen glue oozing out between the screen and outer frame.
  8. dweber77

    dweber77 Newbie

    The Verizon certified like new is just a joke. I went through 2 - Droid 1's and then 2 - Droid 2's. Most with similar issues. The weirdest was one of the Droid 2's would just lock up on the black screen and then sometimes reboot.

    But oddly now my fianc
  9. wallstreet123456

    wallstreet123456 Well-Known Member

    The headphone jack on my original Thunderbolt was broken and I received a replacement and have to say it is really working well and seems like it is a new phone (which I doubt).

    Just wanted people to know that I was happy with the replacement.
  10. rocky s.

    rocky s. Well-Known Member

    So, got my replacement a few days ago and I think I am also a victim of the "certified like new" joke. When I powered up the phone, it did not go through the typical set up process - instead, it went straight to the home screens. When I paged through those said home screens, I noticed they were configured in all kinds of different ways that clearly reflected the settings and preferences of the previous user. So, I did a factory reset and it rebooted to the proper set-up prompts so that I could configure the phone from scratch. My point is...wouldn't this suggest that these phones are not even being looked at much less restored to like-new condition? I mean if this were really being done, the process alone would call for a factory reset, right?

    To top it off, although I got a good replacement with things like gps and camcorder working perfectly, I now am encountering the dreaded random reboots. HTC states that they are still recommending replacements for those experiencing reboots. Verizon techs. say no need to replace, hold out for the software fix that's being worked on.

    Does anyone really know what time it is? (Actually, I do think the thunderbolt clock works well - if you can catch a glance at it between reboots). Geez!
  11. wallstreet123456

    wallstreet123456 Well-Known Member

    By the way when I went to Verizon Store to get a replacement they told me they are no longer replacing phones in the store. They ordered it for me but said we can call directly on our own to get it done.

    I misplaced the number to call but if someone knows it perhaps they can post it here?
  12. koalabear

    koalabear Newbie

    My one replacement was fine and I was happy to get it as my old screen was bit scratched. It did NOT come with the update and of course I didn't seek or apply it - five days later NO reboots. Data is still bit iffy locking on 1X from time to time but much better than before.
  13. tommy_ed

    tommy_ed Android Expert

  14. foreWard

    foreWard Well-Known Member

    my original was rebooting like crazy, my replacement has been awesome, in great condition.....just an fyi.
  15. DanDroid

    DanDroid Well-Known Member

    My replacement came today, WITH update installed and light leakage under back button and menu button. Seriously, do they not look at these before sending them out? As soon as I swapped in battery and powered on it was noticeable. I'm sending it back, with a note and to send out another replacement, this time hopefully someone will turn the damn thing on FIRST before sending it out.
  16. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    They don't look. I have personally refurbished a couple phones by wiping my data and swapping the certified like new screen protector onto the one I am sending back. Its a complete joke.
  17. dangerous

    dangerous Member

    my replacement (recieved today) already has rebooted. I'm sure it already has the update. How can i tell?

    Both phones have the same software on it. seems it to came with updated (bad) version
  18. jj3699

    jj3699 Android Enthusiast

    I am in the exact same boat as most of you are. Is there any way for us to receive a "NEW" in box phone instead of the VZW crap certified-like new???

    Oh an catch this, some jackrabbit at my local Verizon store (who claimed to be the highest level manager at the store) told me that Verizon "does not" have any refurbished phones, they are just new Thunderbolts that were set aside for warranty replacements. When I asked him about the crappy cardboard holder they come in that have Certified-Like-New on them, which pretty much mean refurbished one way or another, the genius told me that "we have people who went to school for boxing and its pretty much our accounts pinching pennies why we do not send our new Thunderbolt to warranty customers in the original box" (his exact words)

    Once I was fed that line of horse crap, I demanded my TBolt and left the store,
    Good job Verizon you guys are really starting to suck, and please hire some employees that are actually informed :mad:
  19. Keyes777

    Keyes777 Lurker

    Their "certified like new" system is practically a scam. When I sent in my Droid OG for erratic behavior I received another in practicably worse condition. They keyboard springs were defective so it would always slide out. When that was sent back, the new one also had several problems. I gave up on sending them back since I was afraid I would get something worse than what I had. Maybe that is what they were hopeing for.

    I've learned my lesson since then, and now I go with a 3rd party insurance that will send me a 100% new phone if mine is irreversibly damaged. Only problem of course is if the damaged dosent exceed the replacement phone threshold, which then I will have to put up with the problem.
  20. DanDroid

    DanDroid Well-Known Member


    So today I packed up the replacement, off to Fedex early this morning. I get there around 10am and they rep say's "Hey is that for Verizon?" Yep, I stated. He then tells me they already received 8 today to ship out. Make that 9 with mine. He said they usually receive 1 or 2 a WEEK. 9 in one day? Shut the front door I say..

    So let's see, holiday weekend. They'll get mine on Tuesday.. Take another 2 or 3 days for them to pull their puds to figure out what to do, then finally they'll ship out another replacement. I'm hoping for it to show up on or before the 3rd of June, but not holding out for it. I have a backup line that I'm using now.. still sucks. :mad:
  21. DJ_10

    DJ_10 Well-Known Member

    I got lucky. I got one new phone within the 30 day period, then received a like new model from verizon last month. Luckily i can tell it's actually brand new. Since it has the HTC void seal on it meaning it has not been opened previously.
  22. jj3699

    jj3699 Android Enthusiast

    The HTC void seal is black with " void " written in white correct?
    And the like-new seal is green?
  23. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    For the most part...with Verizon your getting someone else's problem when you get a replacement! They're return rate is insane, its the reason why they switched to a 14 day return policy instead of the 30 days they previously offered for years. Its the phone manufacturers fault more so then vzw if you really think about it, if they actually shipped phones with a higher standard of build, and software quality we wouldn't see so many returns. However, VZW is very guilty for sending so many people out replacements with just as many problems as the original that was purchesed from the store. The FCC should look into this growing problem.
  24. baa269

    baa269 Well-Known Member

    im now on my 3rd tbolt... like new is junk.. very first tbolt had a reboot and data issue.. sent me oine with green void sticker,, same thing except had light seepage also... #2 wouldnt even boot up couldnt tell you... now 3rd one they send me an INCREDIBLE.... HOW THE HELL DO YOU MANAGE THAT?... now i get the 3rd one and this one will not connect to 3g at all will not get out of 1x and still random reboot and i just realized this one has a green sticker also..... Im getting my last one monday or tuesday and then im either pushing for a new phone or a swap out for something else....
  25. Gravytrain

    Gravytrain Android Enthusiast

    After my 4th, im done with the blunderbolt... A charge is on its way right now.

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