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cf-auto-root or kingroot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ltmpx, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. ltmpx

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    The first method of rooting applied was with kingroot; all was ok with the following notice:
    - when booting the phone i get the message of set waranty bit and setenforce selinux is disabled (red)
    - after settle down, the phone is in restricted state, confirmed by getenforce and from about phone
    - able to change the selinux state to permissive
    - able to mount in rw partitions
    - no init.d support at all, even after trying with universal init.d from Google play, or uni-init from xda forum, or even after manually creating all the files/folders

    Second I tried with cf-auto-root, with the same behaviour, but after rooting, I can not mount in rw mode partitions; also the boot message is just set waranty bit kernel (yellow)

    I do not know nothing about the rooting proccess, and I kindly ask you to let me know what metod I must use, or what I have done wrong.

    Thank you.

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