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Tips Chances of extended life battery coming out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chuckswash, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. chuckswash

    chuckswash Member
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    Dec 29, 2009

    Was glancing at the the Seidio website and noticed there isn't much Samsung love there, which, I don't blame them, considering there last flagship phone was the instinct.

    That said, I've bought extended life batteries for all my pdas since I started buying them, and am almost never satisfied with the OEM batteries that come with them. Usually I get them from Seidio

    With the moment, I am really digging the phone, but even with all the battery tweaks, I find that the battery life to be pathetic.

    (I am aware of the meter problem, but even ignoring that, the OEM battery is still not enough for me)

    Anyway, I am really hoping they Seidio comes out with an extended life battery for this. I've emailed the company, but I thought I would ask around here: What do you think our chances our for getting some extended life battery love? I am not interested in carrying around a battery hub, or extra usb battery charger, either.

    Are there any other companies that make good extendedl life batteries?


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