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Change accent color in dark mode Android 10

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by sxrguyinma, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. sxrguyinma

    sxrguyinma Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys,
    I'm running Android 10 on an S9+ I'm running a theme I purchased form the Galaxy Store as well. It sets the accent colors of everything to red. I've been wanting to use dark mode but it wouldn't let me because I was using a theme. Just for giggles I set the theme back to stock, turned on dark mode and reapplied my theme and it works great...except dark mode changes the accent color to blue. Turn off dark mode and it goes back to red as it should. I tried going into developer options and setting the accent color to something else but that doesn't work at all.
    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the accent color in dark mode? Thanks.

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  2. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    You'll have to contact the developer of the Galaxy theme you've purchased
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