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Change carriers

Discussion in 'Android Rooting' started by Ndvf, Feb 23, 2016.

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    So I original got my Samsung galaxy s5 from Verizon and was quite happy with it. I finished my contract with version and they unlocked my phone. It will no longer update, complains about a non verizon sim and still has all that Verizon crap on it. I don't need the all the features of rooting the phone but would much rather be able to remove all the "features" Verizon added and revert it to a state where it runs exactly as one bought from a non carrier site would. Is that possible or is the only option to root phone and have the cracked version of the OS?

  2. Jfalls63

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    Check out Package Disabler Pro at the Play Store. It's a paid app for Samsung phones to dissable a lot of the bloat without root.
    Since Verizon locks the bootloader on almost all its phones, custom recovery and custom Roms are limited to modified stock TouchWiz .

    Most of the Verizon phones I have owned could receive OTA updates over WiFi if available. May have to remove sim first.Also the Verizon Samsung Software Update and Repair Tool is a handy program to have installed on your PC.
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