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Change gmail account - how to?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jim1, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Jim1

    Jim1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone worked out a reasonable procedure to change the default gmail account?

    Is there a way to make a backup of apps and files, wipe the device, set up the Droid with the new gmail and then restore apps and data?


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  2. cbux5000

    cbux5000 Newbie

    I searched for some time to do this very same thing. Couldn't find a way besides just a factory reset...which is what I did. Whole process was actually pretty painless. I used SMS Backup and Restore to back up my texts. Because applications are associated with your Android Market account (which is linked to the gmail your phone was set up with), you're not going to be able to restore them. Anything you've paid for will be lost. I just made a list of apps I wanted and then re-downloaded them once I had done the reset.
  3. Quiltbug

    Quiltbug Lurker

    Am I understanding this correctly - there is no way to logout as one user and sign back in as another one? (using the gmail app)

  4. cbux5000

    cbux5000 Newbie

    You can have multiple gmail accounts set up with the gmail app and you can easily switch back and forth between them. Menu softkey > Accounts. Receiving email for multiple gmails isn't an issue at all. However, the default gmail account that the device was set up with can not be changed without doing a factory reset.
  5. KUweatherman

    KUweatherman Newbie

    Settings>Apps>Manage apps>Google Apps>Clear data.

    After that, Settings>Data Synchronization>Google and it asks you to sign in or create an account.
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  6. stlguy30337

    stlguy30337 Lurker

    understand with moto droid cant delete gmail without factory reset, but can i just sign out of gmail? if i lose phone anyone has access to my gmail
  7. Quiltbug

    Quiltbug Lurker

    Thanks for the quick help!
  8. Coronach

    Coronach Well-Known Member

    Question: Is this the only way to change which gmail account is being used to send emails (such as sending files or pictures using the "share" option)? There is no other way to select between accounts to send stuff?

    That's asinine. Is there an app I can download to do this?

  9. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I did this yesterday following instructions from a link that I can't find now...

    It was simple enough though.

    1. Make sure Marketplace is not open.

    2. Setting > Application > Manage Application > Clear Data from Google Apps

    3. Open Marketplace, it should prompt you to login with your gmail username and password

    4. enjoy
  10. thundrbird1

    thundrbird1 Newbie

    Thanx this really helped :)

  11. cutefroginin

    cutefroginin Lurker

    :D thank you thank you!!! This worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. bigdgi

    bigdgi Lurker

    How come whenever I get to google apps to clear cache i can't press it ??

  13. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Probably because you're running a newer version of the OS than when this question was last answered. Some things have changed, and I have never actually tried to change my main account b/c all of y paid apps are linked to that account....

    However, I have 3 accounts on my phone, and whenever I want to I can switch between them. Furthermore, When I create a new contact, I now get asked which account I want to create it in....

    If you want to clear your account, try clearing the settings for the GMail app instead of Google Apps. If you simply want to add another account, just add it - no clearing required.
  14. bigdgi

    bigdgi Lurker

    thanks for the help.

    yeah im using the android 2.1 on htc desire. I tried clearing data on google apps, gmail, and gmail storage. I turned phone off and on but still no use. Whenever, i want to log in to market the existing default gmail is still there.
  15. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    On the HTC it is probably very different, due to HTC's Sense UI - try posting your question in the HTC Desire - Android Forums forums.
  16. denker

    denker Lurker

    hi i tried this but when i go into google apps it does not give me the option clear data only clear cache and it doesnt let me click on that option what can i do.... and i cant do a factory reset on my droid because i have it flashed to metro and doing that i will have to reflash it is there anything i can do

  17. denker

    denker Lurker

    my biggest problem is i gave my droid to my sister and whenever she adds a phone number to her phone the number gets added to my new phone automatically and when i delete the number from my phone it deletes it from her phone as well is there any way i can stop that from happening???
  18. GEZDAGR8

    GEZDAGR8 Lurker

    ive just got my HTC wildfire today! and gmail wont let me authenticate. wont log me in at all!!! ive tried to folow the ins above but clear date isnt there! any help would be appriciated.
  19. alanball01

    alanball01 Lurker

    I'm unable to sign out my phone gmail account in android, please help me.

  20. dotsonha

    dotsonha Lurker

    I can't delete the old gmail account from the marketplace. I can add my new gmail. but I don't want all my stuff, contacts, calendar, and email to auto sync to the other gmail account. Its my b-friends. Marketplace will only let me on if its the orginal gmail acct. PLEASE help. I think I may just take it to the metro pcs store but i dont want them to charge me? Will a Factory reset mess up my matroflash?
  21. mrwrighttim

    mrwrighttim Lurker

  22. abhin_07

    abhin_07 Lurker

    i am not getting that <google apps> option in manage applications what to do,i had cleared data from all google related applications like gmail,google maps,android market,etc. but it is not working.please help me.....
  23. abhin_07

    abhin_07 Lurker

    i am not getting that <google apps> option in manage applications what to do,i had cleared data from all google related applications like gmail,google maps,android market,etc. but it is not working.please help me.....
  24. rkg1051a

    rkg1051a Lurker

    Recently I have changed my gmail account email id. I like to change the email linked to the market (I have bought a few apps using my old gmial id) from old id to new id. Is there a way to do that. I can't find anyware.

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