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Change Internet Homepage

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nuttynat84, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. nuttynat84

    nuttynat84 Member
    Thread Starter


    I am having trouble changing the homepage on an S4. Ever since setting up the Samsung Account, it goes to the Samsung page when I go into the internet. I have gone into the settings menu, but cannot find anywhere to change it (it won't let me in basic settings)

    Can anyone tell me where to change it?

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  2. jj14x

    jj14x Android Expert

    what app do you use to browse the internet?
  3. nuttynat84

    nuttynat84 Member
    Thread Starter

    It's just the stock Internet app
  4. jj14x

    jj14x Android Expert

    So, the Samsung app which is labeled "internet" in the app drawer?
    If so, click menu button (to the left of the physical home button), and select settings.
    Then, click on "Set Homepage", and then, "other" - that should let you change the homepage to whatever you want.
  5. nuttynat84

    nuttynat84 Member
    Thread Starter

    It doesn't have homepage as an option in there. It has Basic Settings, but will not let me into that, and cannot find it in another other menus?? :thinking:
  6. jj14x

    jj14x Android Expert

    Are you sure you are not using Chrome browser? If you are using Chrome instead of the samsung browser, you can create a bookmark for the page you want to be your homepage, and drag that bookmark to your homescreen to launch that page instead.

    For example, to set Google.com as your homepage, open Chrome -> click on the Google.com bookmark -> save it as favorite under Mobile Bookmarks -> open Mobile Bookmarks -> Long-press the new Google.com bookmark -> select 'Save to your Homepage'

    Use this new icon on your homepage to open your Chrome browser.

    If you are however using the Samsung browser, there "should" be the option to set homepage - not sure why it isn't there.
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  7. nuttynat84

    nuttynat84 Member
    Thread Starter

    I was wondering that myself...it isn't my phone, and I am trying to help someone without seeing it...I have been told it is the stock one, but I think you are probably right...looking in the settings on my S3 for Chrome I have the General Settings as a heading...I think that is where the confusion has come from...I'll try your suggestion :D
  8. I couldn't find it at first either. Hold button to get to settings. Then click General. First option is to set homepage. Click on it and type in url you'd like or select the basic options. I'm using g3. Hope that helps.

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