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Change my Software - duel booting windows.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by njdubois, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. njdubois

    njdubois Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Would someone, please for the love of God come out and say with 100% no doubt whether this is fake or not.

    Change my software xp through win10. How the HELL can you even install windows xp... yet it claims to.

    For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about. There is software called "Change My Software" that claims to install windows on your Android device. Even duel boot?? There is dozens of youtubes that say "real or fake" and always end with its real. The comments go back and forth. Real...fake...real...fake.

    Wth?? You have to do a survey to even get the program which is normally an immediate red flag, but because I'd love to actually give windows 10 mobile a go but tmobile offers crap phones.

    There isn't any reliable sources vouching for this software. One post on xda, but the only reply is "post your question here" and that leads no where.

    Has anyone actually done this? Can we clear this for take off, or is it garbage?

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Windows is written for a completely different hardware architecture, so this is really simple: there is no way on Earth that you can run XP on a phone.

    Well I say that. In principle you could run an emulator (a "virtual machine"), but the first rule of emulation is that the hardware you are running on must be a lot more powerful than the hardware you are emulating, so emulating a PC on a phone is the wrong way round. And that wouldn't be "dual boot'.

    Windows 10 phone is not the same as Windows 10 PC, but as there is no XP for phones I take this to refer to desktop OS. TBH I would be very surprised if you could dual boot Windows Phone using an app (a lot of work would be needed to port it to different hardware and the port would be for a particular device, unless you were emulating in which case it will run slowly), but that would still be a lot more plausible than the PC OS.
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  3. Jhayzone

    Jhayzone Android Enthusiast

    Idk about that app but I'm picking up a tablet that can dual boot Android and Win10 next week. My recommendation is try looking for a phone or tablet that can do this feature. A few local brands on my place have a few devices(all tablets though) that can do this so I'm really excited to get that tablet. I'm not sure if this have something to do with its capability to dual boot but all tablets uses intel atom processor.
  4. cdb

    cdb Lurker

    fake. I started the software with usb-cable but without a tablet . . . . same messages about errors . . . .
    too slow: of course, there is no tablet attached tot the usb-cable
    factory secured: what, the usb cable??
    Come on . . . .B.S.
  5. I also searched for many guides and tutorials on the web for the same but when I tried them, they did not work. but my friend is saying that one guide worked for him about this change my software.
  6. Currently, ChangeMySoftware is fake, but hackers actually ported Windows 10 ARM to ARM android Phones, many ARM Phones can run Windows 10 ARM, and maybe other ARM Operating systems too.

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