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Change 'Roaming Indicator Off' Tutorial for CM7 and Miui GB

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MetroNoob, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. MetroNoob

    MetroNoob Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Tired of it saying "Roaming Indicator On/Off"?
    Follow this guide, and you can change it.

    First, Download MetrOFF Here: Dev-Host - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service and Do Not place it on your SD Card or Anything... YET

    2. Open MetrOFF using 7-Zip or WinRar/Etc
    3. Navigate to the data folder and take out the eri.xml and open it with notepad.
    Even if your not on your computer, you can use Root Explorer to Edit the file from your phone!!!!

    4. Find this line and Edit the ERI Text: <EriInfo RoamingIndicator="1" IconIndex="1" IconMode="0" EriText="Your Text Goes here :)" CallPromptId="0" AlertId="0" /> KEEP THE QUOTES

    Another line is below it, This is your Roaming Name when you are Roaming but it doesn't do anything :/

    Save it as Eri.xml, backup the other one if you want to and place it back into the zip and flash.
    BEFORE YOU FLASH Mount /System and /Data!!!!!!

    Simple! :D

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  2. Jxillex

    Jxillex Lurker


    But for CM7 will this stop the Roaming Triangle from appearing? Also, does the user have to put something within the quotations or can they leave it blank?


  3. Or just put your edited eri.xml at /data/eri.xml.
  4. SamsungAdmire

    SamsungAdmire Android Expert

    this will come to great use in future cm builds i guess ..that is if we get another
  5. I'm working on beta3 right now. Had to clean up the device tree first. Fixed bluetooth, fixed hardware acceleration (things are wayyyy snappier and YouTube HQ videos work), we're using the wpa_supplicant (wifi) built from source now, instead of the stock binaries. USB & Wifi tethering is working (I can connect to the AP, but no data so I don't know if it works 100%, but it is broadcasting the access point, and I can connect to it), GPS should work, bluetooth is now 100%, I've fully tested that. Camera is still iffy, but it's definitely app related, and I've asked Bo how he fixed it, so that's being worked on. Bar count seems to be working correctly now since I've moved to our own RIL instead of hroark13's from the Prevail.

    Tons of other changes, but everything is cleaner, more stable, and faster. I'm also going to release a 'high-resolution' version of it as well.

    tl;dr: I haven't abandoned it, but I learned from my previous releases to not just release small incremental fixes. So I'm waiting to accumulate major fixes to release updates. Poor Bo is going to have to redo MIUI based on beta 3 though. I'll see about incorporating the MMS fix, but all my fixes are implemented at the source level because I want to make sure we get incorporated into the official Cyanogenmod branch.
  6. MetroNoob

    MetroNoob Well-Known Member
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    Nope :/

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