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I turned off notifications on messages for the eris and downloaded handcent so that I could hopefully increase battery life. I sent a message and got one back. However awake time is 100% and my phone never asked, and I can never find a setting, to tell it which one is my SMS program I would like to use. Anyone have a very basic step by step because all the other forums say "pick your new sms app as default," but I cannot find a way to do this.
I'm not sure at all but I think you go to change the sms app by default by going to a contact -> Selecting them -> Select send sms -> You should now be prompted to select Handcent or the Default sms -> Tick the box {Lower left of pop up i beleive} & select handcent -> It is now your Default

Make sure all Notifications on the Default sms are off too:

Go to the Default sms app -> Press the "Menu" button -> settings -> Un-tick the "Vibrate" box if on -> Un-tick the Notification box

Hope this helps