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Change the Lock Screen to Landscape ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Andrew1235, May 1, 2019.

  1. Andrew1235

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    I have had a Motorola Moto e4 for almost 2 years with relatively no problems. A few days ago, my phone's touch screen stops working in certain frequently pressed places on the screen. This proves to be mildly annoying, but manageable as I would just flip the phone to landscape to get past this (especially when typing). Unfortunately, my phone has finally died and after I charged it, it now asks for my password so I can log in. The thing is, I can't press one of the onscreen keyboard keys to enter my password completely, and thus cannot unlock my phone. I cannot use my fingerprint because every time my phone reboots it asks for the password. I know if I can get my landscape mode I can enter in the correct password but all my attempts (notification bar, lock screen camera) have all failed. Any help? :)

  2. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    If you have or can enable 'USB debugging' in Settings, you should be able to use an otg cable and plug in a regular PC mouse, should work great

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