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Changes After Update ( Gingerbread )

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SJN, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. SJN

    SJN Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, i dont see many changes after the update, i.e after upgrading to 2.3.4!
    I only see online updating option and my battery life has increased which is quite impressing!

    But the draw back is that, now i can only send 10 messages at a time but before in froyo i was able to send 20 at a time!

    The reason for creating this thread is, i just want to know the changes i.e (merits and demerits) after the update which i might have missed...

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  2. xmage

    xmage Lurker

    The clock weather menu open close animation seems lag other function works fine, Do you experience it?
  3. socrates0

    socrates0 Android Enthusiast

    What is the difference to the battery life after the update?
  4. coolguru86

    coolguru86 Lurker

    I figured out the following changes:-

    1) There is an additional phone option of "Data network mode" when you press the power button .

    2)Lock screen has different font for time and date.

    3)Notification icons ie:- battery, internet connection, mobile network seem to have changed. (looks smaller to me)

    4)Screen transition seems to be smooth.

    Guys earlier in FROYO we had skin options in messages (like gloss, edge etc), it seems to be missing :(. Please confirm the same.

    Please correct me if any of my points are incorrect :D
  5. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    YEs skins are missing in all 2.3.4 firmwares, battery life is really, very awesome :)
    I used it for 2days straight after updating with about 6 hours of WiFi :D
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  6. topuji

    topuji Newbie

    Yes, you are right about the message skin option going missing. After updating yesterday, I spent 4 hours searching whether I was the only one noticing it. Thanks for confirming it.

    Since I have just upgraded, cannot tell about the battery life. One major thing for me, the font support has been increased, now I can read bengali font, which was missing earlier (i think its for the 2.3.4, my friend having S II is still unable to view).
  7. topuji

    topuji Newbie

    Can anyone confirm how to configure SIP in Galaxy Ace ? The menu options shown in various posts, seems to be missing in ace. (under call setting -> inter calling). When I edited a contact and entered an internet calling no, and tried to dial using SIP dialler, its saying "Internet calling not supported". It's a major update in gingerbread, but is it missing from Samsung or only the Ace is missing it ?
  8. babus

    babus Newbie

    1) You will get a "Software Update" menu in the "Settings->About Phone" there you can register yourself with the Samsung. You may get an email notification while any further notifications arrived.

    2) If I'm not wrong, more sync accounts have been added like myspace, MS exchange server and skype.

    3) I'm able to see Tamil and Hindi fonts.

    4) TalkBack keyboard added. You can enable it in Settings->Accessibility
  9. SJN

    SJN Newbie
    Thread Starter

    First i used to charge once in every 5-6 hours, and now i can push it for almost 2 DAYS!!! :D Thats the difference! ;)
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  10. aceuserr

    aceuserr Newbie

    hi for some reason after the update my ace wont connect to kies has anyone else had this problem?
  11. mytorrent

    mytorrent Lurker

    You must be kidding. How many the battery used by display?
  12. coolguru86

    coolguru86 Lurker

    Battery life seem to be have really improved after updating.
  13. prince_s9

    prince_s9 Lurker

    - Battery life is very impressive. I get extra 3 hours of wifi and extra 1 hour of gaming.
    - Touchscreen interface has become smoother. Esp in Internet Browser!
    - No lag when typing as used be in froyo, when the letters appear after you've typed them in a lagging way. Thats been dealt with and its much responsive like an iphone.
    - Extra download app which shows your music etc downloads from the internet
    - MORE IMPORTANTLY!! Camera records in 640 x 480 which is eqv or better than iphone 3gs. its almost 2x better than Froyo!
  14. coolguru86

    coolguru86 Lurker

    Proximity sensor seems to be less responsive. I feel some lag. Its little annoying when i want to use the keypad or any other option while calling.

    Is there a way to improve the response of the sensor??
  15. x-xGnGx-x

    x-xGnGx-x Lurker

    The default music player layout has been changed (IMO the old layout was WAY better)!

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