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Changes which are a MUST in the next update!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jeetumg, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. jeetumg

    jeetumg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello Every1,

    Its been almost a week since I have spent with the Hero. I am truly amazed with the capability of its device & truly appalled why HTC is taking so much time updating the device & realizing its full potential. I am yet to read the complete user manual & understand every function of the phone in detail but I am learning with every passing day.

    Here are the things which in my opinion are a must in the next update:
    - VIDEO PLAYBACK: HTC & Google have to do something about the video playback on this phone! 15FPS is simply not acceptable & I am sure the phone is capable enough. The screen is gorgeous & large enough.

    - A Close / Exit button: This is one of the most glaring omissions in an OS. I spent 2 days figuring out how to close an app. And the task manager confused me further. Later I realized the task manager jus shows the recently opened apps & not apps which are open. I am still unsure which app is open, which app is running & how am I supposed to close or exit from it. The Advanced task killer is helpful but this functionality should be in built. Some apps like the Voice Recorder, Footprints etc. seem to start on their own & I have to use the ATK continuously to close them.

    A task manager which ONLY shows what programs are OPEN & RUNNING for easy switching b/w the apps & having a close button on every app is a must.

    - Bluetooth : Bluetooth offered is extremely basic & looks as if the developers had lost interest in this feature & added it as an afterthought. I use a Nokia BH 301 headset. I have successfully paired it with the Hero. However, its not that successful:
    -When I get a call, i dont get to hear the ringtone that I have set on the Hero. Instead I get the default Nokia tune on the headset. I wonder why?!
    - Notification ringtones like those for email, messages etc. does not play on the headset. I am alerted only for calls.
    - Of course, the inability to transfer files from Phone / PC does exist & I dont use it much it is fine to survive without it.
    I hope the developers dont take Bluetooth lightly as even the cheapest Nokia phone has all the above functions mentioned. One should have the basics right!

    - Camera : I know after using a Nokia N82 I may be demanding too much from the Hero's camera but the colors, sharpness & brightness needs to be improved. The least one can do is improve these factors and make it atleast look 5 Megapixel.

    - EMail : One of the strong points on this phone. My only gripe is I have to use 2 clients for email, HTC & the default Gmail. I have 2 addresses, both in Gmail. I would prefer to use either of the apps for both the emails which I think is not possible. In Gmail i cannot add another account. In HTC Mail I can add but I have to be logged in into Gmail too! :thinking:

    - Music : I maybe asking too much, but a small update to make the music sound more natural would be good. The sound has a 'boomy' effect & does not sound natural. Hear the iPod & then you would notice the difference.

    - Cut - copy paste : needs to be more easier as it is one of the most commonly used features. It is difficult for me to select the text accurately as I have large fingers.

    Now for the positives:
    - Superb screen
    - Superb interface
    - Good Apps (the guide on this forum was really helpful, but it needs to be updated regularly)
    - Super-extra options for customization! (7 screens x 7 Scenes)!!
    - Good audio
    - Good design..feels just right in the hand
    - USB charging

    Please reply if anyone has a decent solution to the above problems I am facing..

    Thank you

  2. fireshaper

    fireshaper Well-Known Member

    This needs to be moved to the Hero forums, Mods.
  3. lekky

    lekky Lover

    I can help with some :p

    Android was developed to be different from your typical os. There is no need to close apps as they do not stay open in the typical sense of the world. However having said that I do use a force close button on occasion. There are plenty of discussions over whether a task manager is needed at all, with many people seeing much better phone/battery performance by not using one.

    Kinda follows on from the last point. But if you need to switch between a couple of apps then a long press on the home button is your friend.

    I think I read somewhere that google were not happy with their bluetooth service so decided to limit it for the 1.5 release. It will be more functional in the future tho.

    I came from an N82 as well. The Hero camera cannot compare at all. But it does look a lot better if you use an app called Camera Zoom FX, I can assure this.

    Multi gmail accounts are enabled in future releases.

    I think the sound is great, unless you mean the loudspeaker sound?

    This is one of the best features!!! You know you can use the trackball for smaller movements right??

    Also, check out the thread in my signature!
  4. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member

    The Bluetooth part of the post forgot the more BASIC issue with the Bluetooth...can't send contacts to most car kits. No way to get my Hero's phone book into my car unit. I don't care which friggin' RINGER is used (Hero's vs. my car kit's default one...)....but I would like to actually be able to DIAL PEOPLE IN MY PHONE BOOK from my car's Bluetooth unit. Sigh.
  5. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

    Video playback is perfect. Never judders / stutters...you just have to convert it properly...
  6. jeetumg

    jeetumg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Have got pretty strong reactions..thnx Lekky..good to know u too migrated from the Nokia N82...I agree with you & I really hope atleast for the Bluetooth update..I used to make mockery of my friend who bought an iPhone which had no bluetooth..n now I m in his shoes :p ...

    I forgot to include one more gripe...there is no inbuilt phone search! A phone from google n no way to search the Phone! I use Google Desktop very often & I wud love to see something like that for d Android too..in symbian there was this app called T9Nav..just start typin n it shows the apps, contacts, msgs et al matching to the data entered..is such an app present in the Market?? If so please let me know..

    N Fireshaper..excuse me for this time..didnt know where to post..i found this place to be the most suitable..
  7. vlad88667

    vlad88667 Lurker

    I got my Hero about 3 weeks ago and I agree with everything you said, it's an incredible phone but these things ARE a big miss for Google. Really hoping some of these issues will be "fixed" with an update if it ever comes to our phones and I'm starting to doubt it...
    As for the search function I use ASTRO which is a great app for managing everything on your sd card.

  8. michael_84

    michael_84 Member

    Some of the annoyances I've come across (Android and HTC):

    1. Ability to remove words from the custom dictionary (used when typing to offer suggestions) without having to remove the whole dictionary.

    2. Clear search results from Android Market place (though not sure if that functionality exists on the new marketplace).

    3. Resolve the horrible resolution downsizing of contact photos when syncing to Google

    4. Ability remove unwanted apps.. I don't do stocks so would be nice to remove the program.

    I also hope they don't implement the Espresso theme I've seen knocking around... the icons look fugly to me and makes it look like an iPhone ripoff..
  9. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Also need to be able to select no sound for text message notifications. Can do this for received calls, but not text messages, unless I've missed the option?
  10. memphis9489

    memphis9489 Member

    I agree!

    Well, just how do you close an application? You mention a "Task Manager" ... where's that?

    When I'm done using the browser I'm think, "Uh - I'm done. Now what? How do get out of this?" I usually hit the "Home" key but I have this sneaky suspension that the application is still running somewhere in memory.

    How do you close something?

    I selected the HTC Hero over the Palm Pre because it is just a better phone. But as far as closing and moving between applications the Palm Pre is superior. On the Pre, you just give the app a flick toward the top of the screen and it's GONE!

  11. _ivo_

    _ivo_ Newbie


    There is a lot "Task Manager" app's in Android Market, try with several and I think you will find one that suits you best.

  12. burger2535

    burger2535 Newbie

    Are there any more rumors of new updates.I would like to use bluetooth for data,voice search,google maps street view,
  13. nysos

    nysos Newbie

    These issues need to be fixed imo:

    1. Android needs proxy support for its Wifi connections - it's pretty useless for me in an enterprise environment

    2. Flawless switching between and sustaining 3G and Wifi connections. If I come out of a wifi connection, it never switches back to a 3G dataconnection unless I enable & disable airplane mode.

    3. The alarm sometimes doesn't go off. Issue has been reported by multiple people.
  14. daveybaby

    daveybaby Android Expert

    I've yet to see a thread about this where this hasnt been resolved. It's invariably caused by either somebody taskkilling the clock, or by an installed app overriding the alarm app settings.
  15. Ashman

    Ashman Newbie

    I dont seem to have this problem, My HTC Hero seemlessly switched between 3G/HSDPA/Wifi without any problems. Maybe there is a problem with your Hero in particular?

    I have an unlocked UK HTC Hero connected to the vodafone network in the UK.
  16. nysos

    nysos Newbie

  17. nysos

    nysos Newbie

    Again, see here: Issue 2207 - android - Net access fails after leaving WiFi - Project Hosting on Google Code

    I'm not the only one with this issue..

    It seems to be provider dependant for some part. And after rebooting the device, it works for a while before failing again. (I have an unlocked Hero running on the Proximus provider in Belgium)
  18. Rogerbean101

    Rogerbean101 Lurker

    What Program do u use to convert them?
  19. nysos

    nysos Newbie

  20. jeetumg

    jeetumg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    For Close / Exit, I have successfully used the Advanced Task Killer Free. It is a truly useful app & frees up a lot of memory.

    For Phone Search; I have not found a suitable option yet! I am using Google Desktop on my laptop n desktop n is one of the best searching tools! How can, how could GOOGLE leave this out!!?? not a single app in the market for real time phone search..

    I have been sleeping less due to playing wid d phone..its interface is brilliant, enjoying the customization options & using multitasking to the maximum! Twidroid s d best twitter app hands down n then comes the Peep..very cool to just have the text box widget..handy for quick updates!

    Getting addicted to bebbled...Handcent n Dolphin are already on default..Lookout, Sayit and K-9 mail are the other superb apps which I am using..

    Was initially frustrated with the Google contact sync! I had to link my FB accounts twice..n doing it manually for nearly 200 contacts is not a quick thing!! Another quirk of the Android / Google..Google contacts sync DELETES any contact which is not created First on the net..if u create a google contact on your phone..the next time it syncs with google contacts it will be deleted bcoz its not there in ur online contacts! This is more like importing contacts & not syncing it! Sync means it shall update in both places..ur phone as well as ur google contacts account..So since I figured out this, Google contacts sync is off & all contacts are on phone now

    Now, I am unable to find any themes for the HTC hero..any suggestions??

    Also, I want to know more about rooting my phone...My main concern being the apps / contacts..will they be deleted if I root the phone?? I have already spend a lot of time finding & installing apps & do not want to repeat the whole process again! If they r deleted, is there an option to safely back them up somewhere & restore them after rooting. I simply cannot go through another round of searching n installing applications!
  21. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member

    have you tried on market? im sure i have seen a couple of skin/theme apps out there
  22. jeetumg

    jeetumg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Nope..can only find the themes for aHome..but I am unable to find the aHome app! And I am sure there must be some native themes for the HTC hero orange..I am using an unlocked version in India..
  23. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    Hi, Which network are you in? I am in Airtel.
  24. jeetumg

    jeetumg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am using Vodafone....what apps u using?? ne which r useful in India?? Also have u managed to root ur phone?? or r u planning to root?
  25. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    For me it actually Syncs. But I do notice contacts birthday aren't Syncing.

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