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Changing Android Folder Icon?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mcsmithnyc, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. mcsmithnyc

    mcsmithnyc Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have a sprint HTC Hero and have made a few folders on it. But I *hate* the grey colored standard icon - how do I change this? Someone recommended "BetterCut" which I downloaded...it lets me change the icons for other shortcuts (which is great) but not for folders. I don't even mind navigating to this on the actual android device and replacing the original files with new ones - just someone please tell me how...?


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  2. jiltedcitizen

    jiltedcitizen Newbie

    I would love to know too.
  3. jfe

    jfe Android Enthusiast

    I am bumping this, as I would like to know also
  4. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    There is an app called Apps Organizer that lets you essential create folders but have icons associated with them instead of the same folder over and over. You can do some other things with the app as well.
  5. NCKK

    NCKK Well-Known Member

    YAY!!! Something I can answer!!!

    Menu> add folder...

    Open Folder, Long press on the top of the folder (where it says Folder)
    You can change the name of the folder, and choose the icon from IconPacks, pick from photo, crop from picture.

    I don't know if that works for everyone, but I have Open Home, and BetterCut installed. So, one of those made it happen for me. I assume it would do the same with BetterCut though... LMK which one it is?
  6. jfe

    jfe Android Enthusiast

    Thanks, that is what I was looking for :)
  7. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    Is BetterCut and home replacements like Open Home really our only options to customize App and Folder icons? I'm surprised to find out that this isn't built into Android or that there is no free option.

    Is it possible to simply replace an an app's image file to customize, or would I need to be rooted to do that?

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