Jul 29, 2012
I am currently on a ROM based on cyanogenMod 7.2. I wanted to change the default alarm tone. I seemed to have looked into all the settings but there seems that there is no such setting which allows me to change the DEFAULT alarm tone. I can change alarm tone for individually for every alarm i set but the default tone remains same. So is there a way to do it by fiddling with some files?
You can add the tone of your choice to the system/media/audio/Alarms and change the permissions to rw-r-r-- using root explorer.
You can delete(or add .bak at the end of its name) the old tone, i think that should set your new tone as default.
Actually there is another way...go to /system/build.prop and search for the line "ro.config.alarm_alert=xxx.ogg"

Just modify that to your tone of choice...;)
Well thanks for info ayush and ryuinferno.
I tried to change build.prop. But it wasn't reflected in the alarms. Build.prop changed fine but still no changes were made in the app. This seems to be a problem with ROM (or me who knows).
For the time being i have managed a way through.

Btw : if i change my version from 2.3.7 to 4.0.3 in build.prop would it incur any problem.
I guess not but i thought it would be better to ask the experts .