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Changing default locale? Help please :)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Somsri, May 20, 2010.

  1. Somsri

    Somsri Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just bought an unlocked HTC Desire from Hong Kong. I haven't put a sim card in it yet as I'm waiting for my old plan to live out its contract, but I couldn't resist having a play with the Desire in the mean time

    Because I bought it from overseas I can only seem to set my default language as English and then in brackets many Asian country options, eg English (Thailand) and English (Singapore). This would be fine except it is becoming frustrating when typing because all of the predictive text etc has many Asian characters in it and I'm struggling to write accurately.
    I've tried turning off predictive text and 'check invalid sequence', but it doesnt seem to work?

    I also tried downloading the application 'more locale 2' which had english (australian) but it doesnt seem to affect the keyboard.

    Does anyone have any advice regarding how to change the initial language setting? Is there any chance that when I put an Australian sim card into it the language options will change?

    Thanks so much

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  2. Cyclone55

    Cyclone55 Lurker

    bump - same problem here
  3. Vin2

    Vin2 Lurker

    The sim card wouldn't change the language.

    I got mine from hk as well and I have no problem with it. You can change the keyboard settings to english and wouldn't get the Asian language involved.

    Or you can run "setup" again and hope it works.
  4. damuffinman

    damuffinman Well-Known Member

    If you're only having some problems with the keyboard, consider something like Swype or another keyboard alternative.
  5. Fitzy2211

    Fitzy2211 Lurker

    i have the same problem. i cant seem to change the keyboard to anything other than asian languages. :(
  6. Linkey

    Linkey Newbie

  7. markdsievers

    markdsievers Newbie

    +1 for the same problem.
  8. markdsievers

    markdsievers Newbie

    Installed 'Better Keyboard' reviewed here Android Central's Keyboard Roundup | Android Central

    I would probably stick with the HTC Sense keyboard if it didnt have the Chinese toggle button, but otherwise Better Keyboard is awesome. ThickButtons is also quite cool.

    Doesn't solve the locale problem: but mine is also made in HK, set to English (Singapore), have better keyboard doing the work, and I haven't seen a piece of Chinese script since.
  9. zimula

    zimula Lurker

    i need help with my desire HD, it only shows me three english options namely: emirates, egypt and saudi arabia. i cant text...at all. the keypad is arabic but the rest of the is in english...PLEASE HELP!!! oh and i live in south africa

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