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Changing LED on the X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bsutton1, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Is their anywhere on the X that you can setup your LED lights for your notifications?

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  2. vdubbin

    vdubbin Newbie

    You can change notification LED colors using Handcent as your sms/mms. Not sure if there's other apps that can give access to LED function...
  3. Telexen

    Telexen Well-Known Member

    You can use Missed Call to change colors for missed calls and/or SMS based on contact. I believe it also supports Calendar notifications but unfortunately most other things can't be changed (Gmail, Google Voice, and GTalk are the ones I want).
  4. Phoenix Zero

    Phoenix Zero Member

    I'm happy that Handcent has this feature because Text Messages are the ones I was most worried about.
  5. hurriphoonado

    hurriphoonado Lurker

    Also, there's a free app called "Blink" that works pretty well.

    Unfortunately, as is the case for apps like this, it only works for Calls, SMS/MMS, or system notifications. No dice on google products (email, voice, talk, etc.) One of these days...

    Edit: here's the QR code for blink:

  6. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Android Expert

    Gmail Notifier works great for Gmail. :cool:
  7. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    You can use Missed Call for calendar events, but it gives you a warning that it still has faults and is not 100% reliable. I use Missed Call for text and calls, but haven't tried out the calendar service yet.

    If you use K9 for you email you can set the LED to specific colors for each of the different accounts.
  8. dyno

    dyno Member

    I could never get the LEDs to work using Handcent. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? But I've tried all of the colors and all of the different blinking options.
  9. hahaha what

    hahaha what Android Enthusiast

    are there more color choices than red/blue/green
  10. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Android Enthusiast

    When was the last time you tried it? It used to not work when the X first came out but there was an update and it works now.
  11. ryanc2

    ryanc2 Newbie

    I've tried missed call, blink, and handescent. None work for me, although I'm sure I'm just being an idiot and can't get it setup right. Also, I thought touchdown did it as well, but it won't either.

    Shouldn't be this difficult.
  12. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Well-Known Member

    i tried missed call and nothing happened for incoming or missed calls so tried Blink and got the pretty colors :)
  13. speedbagger

    speedbagger Newbie

    Handcent wont change led color for me either...

    604 on x and latest hancent version.
  14. _Aardvark

    _Aardvark Android Enthusiast

    Anyone using this on their X? I tried it real quick, but it didn't seem quite right. I changed the blink frequency to quick - but it seemed solid on (no blink). I noticed a couple of other strange behaviors and uninstalled it. Maybe I didn't give it a chance?
  15. kheovnien

    kheovnien Well-Known Member

    i use it mainly to set the text message, call, and email colors to different colors. the frequency setting doesn't work for me, but the colors do. for some reason my memory gets really low all the time and it notifies me. :thinking: have to look into it.

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