Nov 6, 2010
I am trying to change the Lock Screen image on my San Francisco II.

I can change the Wallpaper on the Home Screen, but that does not also change the image on the Lock Screen. Previous Android phones (including the original San Francisco) changed both.

At the moment I am using WidgetLocker - which is great and does lots of other things as well, but is a bit over the top just to change the image.

Any ideas please?

I know this question has been raised before but did not receive any replies.

However I'm asking it again in the hope that some-one can help.

I've had my new Orange San Francisco II (ZTE Crescent) for a few days and I'm basically operating it out of the box with a few cosmetic changes.

I've been able to change the wallpaper on the Homescreens but have been trying to change the lock screen image to the same wallpaper - so far without success.

Can anyone please advise whether it is possible to do this for the basic unmodified phone and, if so, explain how to go about it ?

Many thanks in advance.
I just unlocked mine same day I bought it. I think it was the following day I changed the ROM and never looked back since. I`ve changed the ROM about 20 times now trying different combinations and ROM types. The one I have on now is called the Fish N Chip Rom. Including Flash 10.2 and BBC iPlayer Support, with Nemus built in. I can lock the phone dialler and other APPS with a code, its debranded and running really good. Overclocking is being looked at in another thread too but not tied to this particular ROM at the moment.

But if that`s not a step you want to take then I fully understand. To find another route to change the lock screen you may need to post in the same forum and threads where the ROMS and Unlocks are. Use the links from here for reference;

Hi Steve

Many thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I'm not a very technical person and this is my first venture into smartphones so, as you guessed, I don't want to take the risk of getting into unlocking/Roms/de-branding.

However in case there is an easier route I've followed your advice and posted in the other thread.

Thanks again and best regards.
In case Nighthawk4 is still looking for a solution - and for the benefit of other forum users - the best solution seems to be buying and installing the Widget Locker app.

This allows the Lock Streen to be changed and customised in many ways.

I had my Lock Screen looking great in only a few minutes.

From user reviews, it seems however that the app is not without possible problems (like higher batter usage, glitches etc which the developer may have resolved) and I will therefore watch it carefully to see if it is working well for me or needs to be later uninstalled.
Not what you want to hear i guess.. Qqlauncher is a great replacement that offers a fantastic looking lock screen with the option of setting an independent wallpaper.
System settings->Orange Lockscreen Settings, and your should be able to find some wallpaper settings there.