Sep 27, 2008
I've been a long time user of Google's G Suite account (now called Google Workspace) where my account is tied to my own domain name. This has been great but as time has gone on, I've found that more and more Google Services and functionality is restricted to not work with G Suite user accounts. Sometimes they are small things but other times they are big things. Things that once used to work, no longer do. Despite joining when Google gave free G Suite accounts, I am now paying for the service on a monthly basis but nothing has changed. I've been using Android exclusively since 2008 with my T-Mobile G1 and my main account has always been the G Suite account. All my apps/books/movies/tv shows etc are purchased under this account. I also have a free Google Account but I've added that as a secondary user account to the phone.

Is it possible to switch to my Google Account as my primary account and then setup the G Suite account as secondary? What things are difficult to transfer over?