Jul 18, 2014
I just picked up a Galaxy 10e the other day. I have been adjusting some of my settings and copying over some of my favorite notification sounds. I have my default notification sound set and have gone into Messages and set it's on town for that app. But the default notification sound is what sounds when I get a text. My S6 didn't do that. Is there a way to get the default sound to not work in just Messages?
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What app are you using?

I usually set a ringtone for individuals so each has their own. It's easier for me to know who is messaging. It's odd that if you're able to change the tone for the app it would default to the default. Try setting an individual tone just as a test to see if that is recognized vs the default. It almost sounds like you're making changes to two different apps, which I know shouldn't be possible since Android now forces you to default to one app. Probably the easiest way to do the test would be to message yourself, personalize that conversation's notification and then send a test text, again to yourself, to see which tone you get.
I usually have a notification set for Messages, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. I have received a FB message yet, so I don't know if that one works. Really, I don't need a notification for Twitter. I may just set the default notification to what I have used for text messages in the past. But yes, it is weird.
Have you tried using a different SMS app? It might be that Samsung have a bug in their own Message app (or is Messages the Google app? That's the problem with these things, the names are too similar).
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I assumed I am still using the Messages app that migrated from my old phone. Maybe I need to take a look at that.
SMS messages themselves are stored in a central database, so any SMS app can read them (otherwise message migration wouldn't work if the new phone didn't have the same app). But with modern Android versions only the app you have set as default should read the messages and produce notifications (if you try to open a different one it will ask you to set it as the default before it will do anything). So whichever app you are currently using should be the one producing the notifications.
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