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My Galaxy S4 is of the model SCH-I545, which is not largely supported for rooting, Ubuntu Touch, etc. Would it be possible to change my phone to a new model by installing other S4 firmware, or something of that sort?


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Probably not. While the models are close, they have hardware differences which make using the proper root method/rom critical. You might be able to trick an app into thinking it's installed on a different model, but you can't trick the hardware into changing to something it's not. Sorry. :(

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Depends on the build # if you can currently root that device or not. OC1, 5.0.1 are a no go.
Anything less is fine.
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Rooted mine,played around with stock deodexed rom and Stangs 5.0 rom. Finally flashed back stock and sold it. I hate locked bootloader.


I have a s4 from sprint that I unlocked for metro with a tmoble rom. When I swiched roms my model number changed same with my s6 edge after rooting. Other then that I havnt seen it done.