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Changing SMS Color theme?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chrono1g, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. chrono1g

    chrono1g Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Is it possible to change the "chat bubble" color(s) in the messaging app? I vaguely remember reading somewhere that touchwiz 4.0 supported this feature.

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  2. carajp

    carajp Member

    It did. Now it doesn't. :(

    The recent firmware update did away with the SMS schemes and just left us with the default. *cry* (...but why?? :thinking:)

    People who don't like that can go with Handcent SMS or GoSMS Pro. I especially liked the latter. Unfortunately both stop Missed Message Flasher from working - and I miss far too many texts/calls to do without that wonder-app. So I'm stuck with the painful Samsung-dictated default.
  3. kebark

    kebark Well-Known Member

    Originally it was possible by a method explained In this guide but as previously said it's not possible if you've upgraded the firmware.
  4. yarrumbob

    yarrumbob Lurker

    what was the firmware that had the ability to change the skins cos i got gingerbread and it doesnt work .
  5. Gearu

    Gearu Android Expert

    The original Message app on 2.3.3 had the extra colors, 2.3.4 onwards' Message app took them away.
  6. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    I use Handcent and this has a 'missed message' feature, you can set it to remind you that you have had a text message, as many times and at what intervals you like ;)
  7. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Android Expert

    Personally I like GoSMSPro. Many themes, reminders and a feature I couldn't do without called Quick Reply. :) Quick Reply REALLY needs to be built into the stock Android messaging system.

    On another note, Emoji support is nice too so I can send/receive them with all of my iOS friends.


  8. Snapziz

    Snapziz Lurker

    Did the quick reply automatically work for you? Whenever I click in the box "Type here to text" the keyboard pops up, and I start to type, but nothing shows up on the screen... Like it just doesn't work... It wasn't a huge deal breaker for me, but like you said, it's an amazing feature and I wish I could figure out why it doesn't work for me :(
  9. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Android Expert

    Works just fine for me.

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