Changing the LCD and a few errors related to it ...



I changed theLCD display in my Honor 9 ... It's okay, but not really ... I have a few comments ..

1. The frame is darker in color (blue) than my old one (cracked) ... I only have a touchpad of the same color ...

2. It gets a little warm, especially in the upper part ...

3. Scrolling pages from top to bottom or vice versa is not smooth. Every now and then there is a jump up or down (depending on which side I scroll)

4. I have lost my gestures of movement - knocking on the screen with a knuckle to take a screenshot ... "painting" on the screen with a knuckle - "S" long shot, "M" - turning to Music ... etc

5. The colors of photos, websites and all colors in general are much darker than the previous ones with the original LCD

The first point is unlikely to change. Ultimately I can accept it ..

The second point, as I read, could be a wrong screen assumption (something with tape and thermal paste ... I don't really know ...) could the one who mounted it correct it .. ??

Third point, I wonder if in Android there is an option like in Windows with the setting of the mouse wheel, where you can set how many "jumps will scroll the image ... ??

Fourth point - I must admit that it pisses me off the most .. Is it the fault of the new LCD .. ?? bad exchange ... ?? or maybe there is an option that restores these gestures (in options of course, all gestures are set to - "On") ..

The fifth point, probably also impossible to change ..

Do you have any advice for me ... ?? What to do..??

best regards