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Changing the startup/ starting screen of Milestone.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vdbui, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. vdbui

    vdbui Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The start-up screen of Droid which has : a red eye and the sound Droid.
    Is there any way to use this with the Milestone.

    The word ,when starting up, : android it's so ordinary/plain. (from my view)
    Is there any way to changing this? Any app? (Guess: i might post a request app post for this)

    I love the way Droid starts, it looks robotic and metallic. Really cool and impressive, huh?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. ZombieF365

    ZombieF365 Lurker

    I'm looking for this too. If you have any luck please post the link here. I've only found a gif. Not the full animation so far.

    Good luck finding it. It must be out there!

  3. akex

    akex Newbie

    It's impossible to replace Android logo until it's rooted :).

    You can find the Android logo in framework-res.apk (you can unrar it if you rename into zip. Be careful, it's signed, you can't modify it and use it without signing).

    It's possible to replace it (already done on my old Galaxy), but you have to wait for the Milestone to be rooted.
  4. ZombieF365

    ZombieF365 Lurker

    Oh ok only got it yesterday. And I'm new here. Would you be so kind to post links for me!

  5. ZombieF365

    ZombieF365 Lurker

    Also dose rooting cause problems to the phone in anyway? Yes noob post!
  6. akex

    akex Newbie

    Root is not available yet for Milestone, but will very soon :).

    Root can be dangerous as all applications can run with system write permissions.

    Fortunately, when root will be available, you will able to use "super user" application which restrict these permissions unless you allow it.
  7. ZombieF365

    ZombieF365 Lurker

    Cheers fella. And merry crimbo to ya!

    Could you pm me when I can pimp my milestone to droid standards!
  8. akex

    akex Newbie

    Just take a look regulary at phandroid frontpage ;). You will see when u can root it.

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