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Support Changing version of Google Maps on stock OS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by insaneoctane, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. insaneoctane

    insaneoctane Newbie
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    Newbie Q:
    My MT4G is stock, un-rooted.
    It has a certain version of google maps installed. When I look at the version of Google maps in the marketplace, it's much newer. Also, unlike other pieces of software that I've downloaded from the market, it does NOT say UNINSTALL or INSTALLED. It's like the marketplace google maps doesn't know about my "stock" installed version of maps. Anyway, my question is what happens if I install the newer version from the marketplace? Why doesn't the google maps in the marketplace see my currently installed version? I just don't want to install the new one and mess stuff up. Thanks in advance.


  2. mingc

    mingc Newbie

    Which Market are the using? The app or the web version? Check settings on the Market app and see if it's set to notify you if updates are available.
  3. Dkelz313

    Dkelz313 Newbie

    When you install the maps from the market all it does is update your current version. Same with YouTube, if you go to it in the market its a newer better looking version, and by installing it its only updating your current version.
  4. Dkelz313

    Dkelz313 Newbie

    And also they don't show up as being downloaded already from the market because they're pre loaded on your phone, and wasnt manually downloaded.

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