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Charge Loss

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by empyreandance, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone,

    I'm just wondering how fast you lose charge on your Charge (that sounds so awkward). Over the course of a 10 hour night, I typically lose 25% to 30% without touching it (it's in a great signal area too). When I'm losing charge this quickly, I don't see how I could possibly get the day to day and a half results people are getting under normal use. Any ideas?

  2. nlsme

    nlsme Android Expert

    Made it almost 8 hours the other day before the battery indicator dropped the first notch. Went almost 36 hours before it got in the yellow.
  3. executor485

    executor485 Well-Known Member

    Might want to explain how or what you do/dont have running. If you're PUSH syncing 3 different email accounts, there's NO way, however if you're using it for texting and a few phone calls and thats it... Possibly
    My phone has been off the charger since 545am, I have 3 accounts that PUSH sync to my phone, been reading emails (about 10 an hour) replying to a couple of them, talked for 5 min on the phone, played ~30 min of a 2D game, web browsing/videos for 20 min and the battery is at 25% right now (245pm). So, 9 hours on a moderate usage, its not bad, but its not good either.
    Everything else being stock and on the ED1 update.
  4. w00zy

    w00zy Newbie

    im having to buy another charger for work, but im constantly using the phone. I am surprised though how long it takes for this phone to fully charge. It was completely dead when I got home and after 3 hours on the charger (texting here or there) it was not even fully charged..
  5. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok, I'm a little upset. I took it off the charger 10 hours, 19 minutes ago and it just died. Here's what my day was:

    Responding to three or four texts.
    Checked email twice.
    Checked facebook twice.
    Checked the baseball game three times.
    Ran Pandora for two songs.

    Battery usage claimed 64% display, 9% cell standby and various smatterings of other processes, none above 2%.

    Task killer set to auto kill every 30 minutes.

    GPS, bluetooth, wifi all off.

    Mobile data on, was in strong 3G for 2 hours, then strong 4G the remaining 8.

    Widgets: Live Scores, Beautiful Home Weather, Shazam, My Coffee Card.

    I honestly don't understand why this is happening, especially when most others are getting such great battery life. Any help?
  6. droidem

    droidem Newbie

    Uninstall Advanced Task Killer. Those programs actually make your battery life worse. Some of the widgets may be draining your battery too. Maybe try experimenting uninstalling some of those and see if that helps?

    Also how many accounts (like Gmail, Facebook, etc.) do you have on Auto Sync?
  7. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member
    Thread Starter

    Yea, I uninstalled ATK, even though I had the same setup on my two year old OG Droid and it worked great. I'm only running the live scores and coffee card widgets now and I only auto sync gmail, facebook (2 hours), weather bug (2 hours) and home widget (4 hours), all using rough location or a set location.
  8. brackett5

    brackett5 Well-Known Member

    No, to be honest the battery life is horrible on this phone. To be fair it was on the TB too. However there was a day where is got 9 hours out of it with pretty heavy use but that seems to be the only day. So far im getting 5 hours before I have to recharge and it does take like 3 hours to charge. I really think im regreting getting the phone, but we will see.
  9. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member
    Thread Starter

    I just don't understand how a lot of people are getting 24-30 hours out of it with moderate use, you know? At the rate my discharges in standby, I wouldn't make it that far even if I never touched it.
  10. gemro311

    gemro311 Newbie

    The Battery life is fabulous..I'm at 50%..last charged it early yesterday
    Constantly checking email and lots and lots of texting. I'm not pushing anything automatically just when I want it.
    Also make sure you go to each app
    and close it ..like this one. Tends to run in the background. Also if you use wireless make sure you have the scanning for new networks unchecked.

  11. brackett5

    brackett5 Well-Known Member

    I don't see that either. I think I'm going to take some of the suggestions (even though I don't think we should have to) and see if it doesn't get better. ill start with the updatings and such.
  12. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member
    Thread Starter

    It's driving me bonkers. Down to 65% in 3 hours with almost no activity or updates. I think I need to exchange it.
  13. wise_guy69

    wise_guy69 Member

    I've already been through 2 Charge's (not the same issues) and noticed the battery was no different between them. With moderate usage I'm lucky to get 8 hrs, and this is not even in a 4G area. I was in a 4G area this weekend and only made it 5 1/2 hours before it died.

    Bottom line is I don't think exchanging your Charge for another one will solve the problem, unless you have reason to suspect the battery or wall charger is defective. Battery life is what it is with Android; you take the good with the bad.

    Added: I'm also seeing similar standby performance compared to yours. As a test I charged it full and then left it completely alone for approximately 12 hours. I woke it up from standby to check the battery level, and it was at 15% and prompting me to re-charge it.
  14. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member
    Thread Starter

    I know Android well and know it's a power hog, but when there's a disparity as big as 30 hours for some people and barely 6 for others, I have a hard time believing there's not something fundamentally amiss somewhere.
  15. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member

    You need to allow the battery to get conditioned, it took me about a week to get the phone pulling about 5-7% an hour with moderate-average daily usage... Browsing, emailing, phoning, texting, downloading, etc. It is possible, you may have a bad battery. I believe of the 3 LTE phones, the Droid Charge has the best battery longevity. You may want to look at your home screen, the darker it is on an AMOLED screen, the less power draw, because the phone does not use power to light up the tiny LED's in the screen, at least that is what I have read anyway and have experienced with tinkering with the backgrounds.
  16. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, I've had it since the nineteenth, so I'm worried it may indeed be a bad battery. I use a dark storm cloud picture as my background; I really think I've done about all I can. I think I'm going to go ahead and exchange it. As for everyone who has helped, don't get me wrong; I really appreciate all the help. I just think something amiss is causing this, especially even after all the tweaking, I'm seeing almost no improvement. I'll keep everyone updated :)
  17. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, some good news. I got JuiceDefender working; it's holding steady at about 1.52x with MyProfiles running as well. With heavy usage (screen constantly on, downloading on wifi and responding to texts) this afternoon for 105 minutes, I dropped 12% and at the rate I'm going with moderate usage, I'll easily hit the 30 hour mark. Maybe this phone is just uber sensitive to power tweaks? :thinking:
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  18. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member

    empyreandance, I think I have to agree with your assessment -
    "Maybe this phone is just uber sensitive to power tweaks", if I tweak and adjust the screen brightness, the syncs, the amount of running apps, and the overall maintenance of running essential processes, the Droid Charge responds better than my HTC Droid Incredible 1. Maybe the Samsung uses the Hummingbird processor and video display chip works better together than it's competitors.
  19. twistedlim

    twistedlim Android Expert

    Had it up for the first full day with average use. The phone was slipping between 4g and 3g and I was syncing my gmail accounts and pushing one email account. No other syncs. Took it off the charger at 6am and on my way home at 4Pm I had about 35% left. Worst than my DX for sure but far better than the LG Revo. I can live with a day charge but refuse to keep plugging it in or switch off 4g to save battery.

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