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Charger issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by drkeng, Dec 20, 2012.

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    thought my phone was dead. charged overnight with my old htc charger, which I'm pretty sure I've used before w/ my razor maxx hd. I know my wife used it for several months to charge her Moto Droid something. Today, my phone wouldn't turn on. "battery pull"-power+vol down didn't work.

    Went to the local V store; when I was in the store, they hooked it up to whatever charger they had on the counter, but I guess it wasn't for long enough to know the phone was ok. They put in to have a new one overnighted.

    When I came home, I hooked it up to the charger that came with the phone (with a 6' USB cord I ordered--the original is kind of short) and after several minutes, it came back on, saying 6%. Last night, it was around 30% when I put it on the htc charger.

    If all these phones are gonna use the same micro usb it seems to me that different chargers shouldn't damage a phone. Also, I have a car charger from Verizon (from the htc inc days) that I've used a few times with the razor maxx.

    I also have a 4 USB port charger that I thought would be good when we're on vacation. Pretty sure it said it would work with Droids. It works with iPads and my iPod touch (5th gen), but if I hook up the droid, I get an error message that says to unhook to avoid damaging the phone. So, I know there can be issues--something about the output of the charger, but seems like an htc inc charger shouldn't be an issue.

    so, any known issues with this?
    anyone know the output of the charger?
    is it ok to charge from a computer's usb port?
    beware what charger you use--if not the moto one, check for the error message after a few minutes.

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  2. Using the OEM charger and OEM 3' cable charge it to 100% to verify that everything is correct. This will be your future configuration that you can fall back to.

    Play with other chargers and cables if you must. If you run into a problem you have a fall back configuration that you know works.

    I am prejudiced against HTC and have nothing in my home or office with an HTC logo.

    What separates the Motorola equipment from the others is Quality Control. The bad stuff never leaves the factory. There is some good third-party equipment that you can save money on. Sometimes you luck out and it works. Sometimes you don't.

    ... Thom

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