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Charger question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gibson6594, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. gibson6594

    gibson6594 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I know you guys will probably think I'm ******ed for asking this. I need a micro usb wall charger for my home and office. I kept the one that came with it at the office.

    I have a iphone wall charger, can I plug the Nexus USB cable into the iPhone wall charger and use that as a wall charger for the Nexus? Think it might damage anything?

  2. iVisionX01

    iVisionX01 Lurker

    It should work fine.
  3. gibson6594

    gibson6594 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, seems to be working fine. This could be a handy little tip to all you converted iphone users.
  4. MattG

    MattG Newbie

    I've used the iPhone USB -> AC adapter for my Zune 80GB as well, works fine.
  5. twalton

    twalton Lurker

    I'm using an old Motorola wall and car charger and they work fine.
  6. omatix

    omatix Newbie

    In my experience, the phone charges at a much slower rate via the USB cable than via the wall charger. This is reflected in Google's specs too.

    "Charges at 480mA from USB, at 980mA from supplied charger."

    Nexus One Phone - Feature overview & Technical specifications

    I'd say that 480mA from USB is optimistic too. IIRC, a lot of USB ports are rated at 200mA.
  7. James Bell

    James Bell Member

    Very true, only some chargers will go at the full rate. I bought a motorola P513 car charger and it charges about twice as fast as my generic auto charger.
  8. wmm

    wmm Android Enthusiast

    Hmm, that raises an interesting question: what is the difference between charging from a computer via USB and charging from the power adapter? Is it just a matter of the amount of current supplied by the charging device, or does the N1 vary its current draw depending on whether it gets a data connection or just power when the USB connects?

    I'm also wondering about the current supplied by my generic auto charger versus the amount needed by the N1 when it's doing Google map navigation. That's probably the highest regular current draw scenario -- running the display, the 3G radio (to continually update the map data), and the GPS receiver all at once. I'm not really concerned about "charging" the N1 with my auto charger, just keeping up with the demand so as not to run my battery down over a long trip. (Speaking from experience, it's a real drag when you get about 20 minutes from where you're going and your phone shuts down with a flat battery! That wasn't because of charger problems in my case; my previous phone would overheat and stop charging when I ran OTA GPS navigation for more than an hour or so.) Hopefully the N1 won't draw more than my charger supplies...
  9. gibson6594

    gibson6594 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Of course, but this is about plugging the Nexus USB cable into the Iphone wall charger adapter.
  10. seeking

    seeking Well-Known Member

    plugs are plugs, think of it like using a power strip at home. they work on any outlet with any device you want to plug into....as long as the plug matches. the same thing for chargers. as long as the plug matches it will work
  11. nyfinest32

    nyfinest32 Member

    can anyone recommend a good car charger for the n1? i have one but it doesnt actually charge but it also doesnt let it die. it just keeps the power on, so i need a car charger that actually charges. thank you
  12. NexusMMM

    NexusMMM Member

    That's not necessarily the case. Wall chargers may have the same plug connection, but the adapter may output a different voltage and amperage and it would be silly to plug a brand new phone or any device into the wall using any matching cord without checking first.

    Interestingly enough, the iPhone wall adapter and the Nexus One charger both have an output of 5v / 1A but for some reason, the Nexus One charges noticeable SLOWER with the iPhone wall outlet adapter vs. the included AC adapter shipped with the Nexus One.

    Wrap your heads around that one ... :thinking:
  13. NexusMMM

    NexusMMM Member

    The car charger for my father's Droid worked fine with my Nexus One, although at $29.99, I don't see myself buying it.
  14. wmm

    wmm Android Enthusiast

    That could be the answer to my question above -- it's not the difference between a USB connection with and without data, but something that the HTC power supply does to identify itself that tells the N1 that it's okay to draw the higher current. Interesting observation -- thanks!

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