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Charger won't stay in the phone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gnomesarealive, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Gnomesarealive

    Thread Starter

    Recently whenever I plug my phone into the charger or a mini USB cable it won't stay connected unless I hold it there. Would this be due to the cable or the actual plug on the bottom of the phone coming loose?
    I had this happen with an LG Chocolate before and had to get it replaced.

  2. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    If I read your message correctly you're using (at least) two different cables with both having the same problem. If that's correct, then it sounds like the port on the phone is the problem.
  3. lodom

    lodom Member

    I had the same problem the day I bought my Eris. I was embarrassed to find out I didn't have it pushed in to the "click".
  4. Gnomesarealive

    Thread Starter

    Yeah I am able to push it in and i feel the click but it doesn't stay there. If I move it at all it likes to slide out. I haven't abused it or anything, guess I'll call Verizon and see if I can get it replaced.
  5. Msmofa

    Msmofa Lurker

    This will most likely be late for you, but I hope it will help others with this issue. I had the same exact problem with my current phone. I found that when I plugged the charger in, there was a resistance from the charger jack. I'm guessing after a year of my phone being in and out of my pocket, a significant amount of fluff and dust had gathered in the jack preventing the charger fitting all the way in. I used a sewing needle to clean out all the dirt and fluff from the jack, there was a lot! Now my charger sits in nicely and I can charge and use my phone at the same time
  6. MeToYou

    MeToYou Lurker

    5 years late for him but good timing for me! Cleaned mine out and it worked perfectly, thanks for answering!!!

    Also... that was disguising. Its been only 7 months.... disguising.
  7. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    a bit of compressed air helps to keep it out without endangering anything.
    if you have one of the "cans of air" sold for pc keyboards, works great.
  8. Elevin

    Elevin Lurker

    Well, it exactly works on mine too, so much thanks for the solution !!
  9. Joseph Gerace

    Joseph Gerace Lurker

    i've had this problem also for quite awhile. I've always thought it was the cable. I would get a new cable and it would work fine and then the same thing would happen. Blasted out the port with air AND the cable end. Now works just fine. Anyone need some extra cables?
  10. urBT

    urBT Lurker

    Possible ALTERNATE CAUSE: Bent prongs on the charging "spade" (the portion that inserts into your phone).

    I am referring to a Micro USB charger (not type C or other type).

    My 30-day old charging cable started falling out of my phone's charging port last night. Indeed, normally it is lint build-up preventing the spade from fully inserting into the phone's charging port.

    However this time the charging port on the phone was totally clean inside. I took a look at the charging cable and (on the flat side of the Micro USB spade) there are two tabs that stick up to provide retention in the charging port -mine were squashed down to be almost flush with the flat portion of the charging spade. With some patience and perseverance I bent them up enough to grab them with fine needle nose pliers and then bent/pulled them out to where they should be sitting. The charger works great and stays in the phone now. This charging cable wasn't cheap...so I'm not sure if it actually is cheap, defective, or I somehow squashed the prongs in -probably just cheap and I got ripped off, because I've never seen this before with any of my charging cables.
  11. Vonze

    Vonze Lurker

    Cleaned my phone port out with a needle per Msmofa, surprised how much lint came out as I kept working it. So the "bad" cord now holds in okay.
    Interestingly I had one cord, I'll call the "good" cord, that still worked fine before the cleaning. No prob with external hooks on the bad cord per urBT. But looking inside the phone plug ends of the two cords, it's clear that the tiny copper conductors on the good cord are more visible (less squished out of the way) than on the bad cord. However, reiterating that bad cord holds and keeps charging even if shake the phone and cord after the cleaning.

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