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MicroUSB Correct?

There should be no reason that I need to buy an HTC Branded charger, right (ala, stupid iPad charging). I was about to pull the trigger on a car charger, couple USB/MicroUSB Cables, and a few wall chargers to keep around, but thought I'd check.

How long is the charging time from a totally drained battery to fully charged?

Unofficially now, since I don't have an Evo in had yet, with my Touch Pro 2(same battery) it generally takes 1.5-2.5 hours to charge a depleted battery using fast charging capabilities thanks to third party flashing cooks.


Wait so it's microUSB and not miniUSB? If so I've got to find some cheap cables, I like to keep plenty of them around cause I can never find em when I need em.
No EVO yet (pre-ordered), but I've had zero problems charging 2 cell phones (Samsung Moment and Samsung m520) and 2 bluetooth earpieces off of a standard USB desktop hub. I did make sure to get a hub with a beefier power supply (2amp).

What's nice about using the hub with short (6 inch) cables is that there's less cable mess than having four seperate wall warts with long cables of their own. You can buy MicroUSB cables for around a dollar a piece at