Chargers for MOPHO

Only use moto chargers ....I've used different ones but moto chargers are the best


I have noticed this as well. I wonder if it has anything to do with the USB wiring. If the USB connection isn't wired a certain way, the phone will see the connection as a PC and draw a maximum of 500 mA, regardless of how many mA the charger will put out.
Brand of the charger doesn't matter, its the ma or amps. Most chargers that come with today's high end smart phones will charge at 1 amp or 1000 ma. There are many aftermarket chargers that will only charge at 500 or 750 ma. Just have to read the specs about what you are buying. I use my epic charger still for Photon and its fine, charges as fast as the stock cable.

Any charger connected to the USB on a pc is a trickle charge, no matter what the cord is. Don't plug to PC if you are in a hurry.


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I bought a charger combo off of E Bay. I charge all night so slow if fine. Car charger if I need it, and I still have my charger from my Hero so the usb works with it for an extra at work.