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hi i have 2 question
1.obviously when then phone if off its charging faster than phone on, but how much % faster? i mean from 0-100%
2.demanding games or aps can cause cpu throttling and higher temp,what if i have airplane mode,will improve something? tnx


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For my device (Nexus 6), I figure ballpark
usage with screen off ~ 2%/hr
usage with screen on ~ 20% / hr
Charging rate with 2A charger (but not quick charger) ~ 60% / hr screen off (or a little more)
So I figure charging with screen on would be around 60% - (20-2) ~ 42% / hr screen on.
But I actually shy away from charging with screen on continously when possible because I have a thick cover on the back of my device and the device gets hot when charging while using the device, so I worry a little about the heat affecting my battery long-term health. That's just my pattern, I realize others routinely charge with screen on and probably have long-lived batteries. I just avoid it when convenient I and don't find a need to do it very often other.

None of it is anywhere near exact and there are many variables that affect my rates (particularly my screen on usage rate is highly variable)

Extrapolating to another device with another user's setup/habit is a whole 'nother ballgame even more uncertain.

Maybe someone will chime in with more relevant info, particularly if you reveal your device.

But I think your best bet is to pay attention to your own usage based on review of battery stats. If that's not straightforward than jot down notes throughout the day about when you start charging and at what level etc.
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