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Charging/Battery Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by radmanelite07, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. radmanelite07

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    I've had this phone for 2 years now, and aside from some minor stuff, it was great for a first smartphone. Starting a week or so ago, my Captivate i897 starting having multiple problems, all stemming from when I had to replace the SIM/micro SD card tray. After opening and closing the phone multiple times to replace the tray and fix a stuck volume rocker, it powered up just fine and was working (I thought) properly. I left it charging on my computer overnight (as I usuallly did in the past). The next morning, my phone was completly dead. Plugging the phone into multiple chargers would only cause the charging screen to flash for an instant then turn off.

    I tried multiple chargers and batteries until one battery powered on the phone. Unfortunatly, now the phone gets very warm (120 F) while idle, and the worst part, won't charge. In fact, charging severly drains the battery (went down 5% in 30 seconds).

    I am really at a loss for a solution. The few searches I could find for this problem only said to change the batteries and chargers, which I have done. The only thing I leave on is WiFi, and I constantly task kill apps. I'm about ready to switch from this phone, as the poor battery life (before these problems), sluggish performance and other misc. problems are fustrating me.

    Someone, please help me!

  2. hotrod4x5

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    I have had all the problems you mention at one time or another since getting this phone in June 2011. They all have eventually fixed themselves, but I did buy a new, third party battery on ebay because the stock battery maybe lasts 4 hours anymore. When you say you tried a different battery, was it old or new?

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