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Root Charging non-OEM batteries in Precedent phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PolicyWonk, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Nov 3, 2011

    Nov 3, 2011
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    I've had my Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android since the middle of Oct. 2011. I'm a new user; not an expert. This is my 1st "thread."

    After rooting my phone, I found I could charge higher capacity non-OEM batteries on my phone which I could not do before rooting. Don't know if this will work for other Precedents. Here is my story and what changes I made to the phone.

    CAUTION: DO NOT ROOT your phone unless you have read all the other cautions in this post AND thoroughly researched rooting. I've included some links at the bottom to research.

    If you are new to Androids, they have a very short battery life. Part of the price you pay for having a great device . I depend on this phone for my single-person business. I purchased 2 less expensive, non-OEM (after market/non-Samsung) spare batteries along with an AC wall charger. These new ones have a slightly higher capacity (1800mAh) than the stock Samsung battery (1500mAh). However, they are the exact same size and work as well as the Samsung OEM battery.

    I keep one or 2 charged up spares in my pocket to swap when my phone battery runs down. I found, as others with previous models of Samsung androids, that, often a Samsung phone will not charge non-OEM batteries. Tried charging both batteries in my Precedent; it refuses to charge either. But, they will charge in the AC charger as does my Samsung OEM battery. I can live with this to have cheap spares.

    For more info on non_OEM batteries and Samsung phones, check here: http://androidforums.com/indulge-all-things-root/328049-use-non-oem-batteries.html

    I am often in places without Internet WiFi. I rooted my Precedent so I could easily tether it via USB cable to my computer (allows me to use phone's 3G Internet network). I only do this when I don't have any other option to obtain Internet access. I used ShabbyPenguin's "One Click Root" for Precedent (Thanks Shabby). CAUTION: Straight Talk disapproves of rooting. But, I do not plan to abuse the ability to tether. I use my office and home WiFi, and hang out in cafes with free WiFi whenever possible.

    IMPORTANT: New User - Don't even try to root your Precedent unless you know what you are doing. Precedent is different from other brand/phone model androids and requires specific rooting installation and specific ROMs.

    After rooting, I installed PDAnet (tethering software) from the Android Market. I also installed "Busybox Installer" (utilities needed by root based apps). I'm a noobie and really don't know or care what Busybox Installer does; just know it is needed by other root apps.

    I'm giving all this info because I discovered that my rooted Samsung Precedent will now charge these aftermarket, higher capacity batteries. I don't know if the rooting, or Busybox Installer, or both caused this positive change. (Or, maybe I just live right:D)

    I don't know if this will work for anyone else. Just thought I would pass on my experience. If it works on other Precedents, we have another good reason for rooting. Smarter users than me may know why my Samsung Precedent now likes my non-OEM batteries.

    FYI - I found this link if anyone wants to know a lot more about android batteries: http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-eris/262818-food-thought-about-batteries-charging.html

    ShabbyPenguin's One Click Root for Precedent can be found using this link (again, not everyone needs to or should root - learn about rooting 1st before attempting): http://androidforums.com/precedent-all-things-root/439392-acs-one-click-root-samsung-prevail-replenish-precendent-shabbyfied.html

    If you do decide to use Shabby's One Click Root, click on the "thanks" button & buy him a beer;). He put a lot of effort and expertise into developing this simple method of rooting for our Precedents.

    Finally, go to this link for more info about rooting: http://androidforums.com/precedent-all-things-root/447321-precedent-all-things-root-guide.html


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