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Charging Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LEGEND72, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. LEGEND72

    LEGEND72 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When I go to plug my One in, it only will charge if the power is off. If the power is on, it does not recognize the power cord is in.

    Is this a hardware failure or software?

    I appreciate the help :)

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  2. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    Is this on stock rom or custom rom?

    I ask because I once had a rom/kernel combo that did that as well and it is not normal.
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  3. LEGEND72

    LEGEND72 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It is stock ROM.
  4. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    untouched virgin stock take it in and see what the store thinks. Im thinking its just software but you should not have to change it to get it to function correctly.
  5. LEGEND72

    LEGEND72 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So can I do a factory reset and have it charge correctly again?

    I almost feel like that is exactly what the store would do. Not like they would go in and mess with the ROM.
  6. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    Yes you can try that first, but what I meant was take it in and get replacement.

    Has it ever charged correctly while powered on?
  7. LEGEND72

    LEGEND72 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes. It has worked flawlessly since they came out. This is a brand new thing. I guess now that I'm talking about it, it has become sort of glitch recently.... IE - The screen will illuminate in my pocket without me touching it. The volume will get messed with, ect.
  8. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    oh, that does sound hardware related, I would do the factory reset, try it out and if no good take/send it in.
  9. LEGEND72

    LEGEND72 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Alright... Thank you so much for your help. You have provided a wonderful resource, and I very much appreciate it. If your interested, I will post the end result after I get it done.
  10. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    Yes please, always love to hear good resolved issues, some are not always resolved well but we still like resolved responses.:D
  11. Marzy1357

    Marzy1357 Newbie

    Hi all,

    My HTC ONE acting strange, everything just randomly started while I was playing music on my phone..

    I wasn't able to charge my phone (tried different HTC chargers) after some time it was charging up till 5% and then stopped. And now somehow I managed to charge it full.

    When I call or somebody calls me, every-time speaker turns on itself.

    When charging screen is always on, and all these weird things started at once.

    Can this be a hardware issue?
  12. clsA

    clsA Android Enthusiast

    Your problems seems more software related than hardware. Have you taken an update recently? Do you know what version your firmware/software are ?
    I'll need some more info to help you track down whats happening.
  13. Marzy1357

    Marzy1357 Newbie

    No, there were no updates recently for my phone.

    Android: 4.2.2
    HTC Sense: 5.0
    Software: 2.24.401.8
    HTC SDK API Level: 5.34
  14. marctronixx


    what do you mean when "the charging screen is on"? What is the charging screen?

    are these issues happening WHILST the phone is plugged in and charging? if off charge do these issues still occur?

    are you using AC power or USB power from a computer?

    does this issue happen on ANY USB cable you use?

    if plugged into a wall, are you using the htc wall adapter or 3rd party?

    are you using a desktop stand rto charge?

    you are in a different country in the US based on your avatar, is the voltage there 220?

    how long have you had this phone? when did these issues start? did you install or uninstall any apps prior to these issues?

    sounds like a temporary issue that may be remedied by a soft reset. hold the phones power button until the phone counts down to zero, screen goes blank and then it reboots. once it reboots, let go of the power button.

    kindly provide as much info as possible as it's hard to diagnose over the internet.
  15. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Android Expert

    I'm assuming you have checked these options already within Settings, but if not they might be worth mentioning. My apologies if they are not completely applicable. Just a couple of ideas:

    There is a setting which forces the screen to stay on whenever you are charging. I can't tell you the exact location as I am on an older handset, but it is probably something like 'Settings-> Display, gestures & buttons -> Stay awake (screen will never sleep while charging)' It is also located in 'Settings-> Developer Options -> Stay awake(screen will never sleep while charging)'
    They control the same function, its possible you could have bumped this setting and not realized it.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if there was setting for "automatically answer calls into speaker phone mode". Don't forget to take a peek into the 'Accessibility Options' within Settings, there are a few settings somewhat hidden in there.

    If you ever use a Bluetooth headset, there could be an option inside the Bluetooth settings that is trying to kick your phone to a headset that is not connected. When the headset is missing it may default to the speaker phone.

    There is also a setting (or used to be - front facing speaker may have nixed the option) that lets you physically turn your phone over with the screen facing downwards and it automatically puts your phone into speaker mode. It likely is dependent upon the G-Sensor to know the orientation of your handset. You could take a look for this setting and make sure it is off. 'Settings -> Sound -> Flip for speaker (turn over your phone to activate the speaker during calls)' OR you could try to re-calibrate your G-Sensor so that the orientation data is up to date and accurate. 'Settings-> Display, gestures & buttons -> G-Sensor calibration'
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  16. Jrock7

    Jrock7 Lurker

    My phone died, and when I plugged the charger in, I turned it on, but after about 30 seconds it restarted itself. I have a non-rooted, T-Mobile, charger that came with the phone, 4.3 Jellybean. It just keeps restarting, turning off an on. If I turn it off manually after it turns on by itself, then it stays off. It is still charging sort of. When it restarts, it doesn't show the T-Mobile logo, it just turns black. The amber charging light is on when it's on, but when I turn it off manually, the amber light turns on and off randomly. Also, when I turn it off manually, the T-Mobile logo stays there until I press the power button once, then it goes black. Then, the charging meter in the middle of the screen pops up working just fine with the amber light. But after the screen times out, if I press the power button once, the amber light turns off temporarily and the phone turns backs on, continuing the cycle. Was thinking about doing a soft boot since the last time I did one was January 25th. Any help is appreciated.

    EDIT: Soft boot did not work. Phone is in same condition.
  17. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    1) Running the battery down until the phone dies, except for the first 3 charging cycles, is a good way to need a new battery in about 6 months. Try to charge it when it's down to 40%-60%. Arounf 50% is the peak lifespan for the battery.

    2) If you ran it completely down, turn the phone off (if it isn't already), plug the charger in and wait until the phone tells you it's fully charged. In your case, depending on how long it's been since the battery was made, it could take 24 hours. It's a battery charger, not an external power supply for the phone.

    If you must have the phone on 24/7, buy a spare battery or two, But running the battery down constantly until the phone shuts off is going to kill the battery pretty quickly. Under normal use, a battery should last 18-24 months with no change, then very slowly last less time between charges. But you should be able to use it for about 3 years before the charge times come too frequently. (My emergency - "when the real phone is in for repair or something - phone is about 11 years old, and has the original battery in it. It still lasts about as long as it did when it was new.)
  18. Jrock7

    Jrock7 Lurker

    I hardly ever let the phone die.
  19. salmanae

    salmanae Lurker

    I just have the same problem! I wake up one morning and all sorts of problems turn up on my HTC! Used it smoothly for almost 14 months.
    1. When i receive / make a call the speaker is turned on by default, yes before I even hold the phone to my ears!
    2. Then the screen orientation keeps rotating even when "Auto rotate" is OFF! God it's annoying!
    3. A day later, the charger keeps saying "Incompatible charger" when connected to the wall socket. Brought a brand new HTC charger and no use! Any wall charger isn't seem to be working.
    4. I thought I would try to factory reset and tried to backup data via my laptop and It isn't detected. Have turned "USB debugger" on and off... HTC's software nor the phone shows me option to use as a USB mass storage or charge only.
    5. So, after great difficulty backed up my 10 GB of data using ES explorer. Then factory reset everything, disabled chrome (saw that in some posts).
    Still NO Use!!!
    6. End of the day the "default" camera application just shows me a blank screen. But the camera works fine via whatsapp or instagram!

    WHAT in WORLD is going on HTC?? Is this like a self destruct mode once my warrant is over?
    I thought I shall:mad: install Cyanogenmod thats not possible since, USB isn't detecting the phone on windows or mac.
    I think HTC have to address this issue! I tried the support but the support "Cannot help me because my phone was purchased from a different country"
    Grow up HTC! I am still using your f****** product !
  20. flotta

    flotta Lurker

    been having a problem for the last few weeks that phone goes into usb host mode and sometimes wont charge,

    have done the bit where i hold down power and volume up and down together for a few minutes after leaving phone plugged in trying to charge for 10 mins . this seems to work for a while but a day or two later and i get the message phone wont charge and is in usb host mode again.

    any other suggestions as to what i can do besides bri nging it back to a shop.
    would this be considered a serious fault with phone

    thanks in advance for any help
  21. marctronixx


    You can factory reset and hope that clears the issue.

    If it doesn't, your physical port is most likely damaged and will need to be replaced. Dirt/debris can get in there and cause damage and just daily plugging/unplugging and/or "jamming" the connector can cause issues.

    Assuming you're not rooted, sounds like a physical issue.
  22. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Android Expert

    Same problem here. Had it on two HTC ones now. Reluctantly about to send this one back to get it fixed.
  23. Doinkxs

    Doinkxs Lurker

    Hi, need some help to figure out what happened to my phone.
    I have TWRP installed for long time now and installed couple custom ROMs before. Last was VenomOne. Installation was smooth, everything was working perfectly, it booted ok, most apps i checked was working.
    when battery was low I connected charger, but nothing happened, I tried PC cable - the same. Finally battery died.
    When I connect charger small ambient light comes up, on the screen there is picture of charging battery (not the green one, but plain white), and after 10 sec or so, light is off and screen is black. After 10-15sec light and screen is on again for few seconds. Circle goes on and on. I left this thing through the night, in the morning managed to turn on TWRP recovery and it was showing battery 4%+ ( I wouldn't even call it charging ).
    Advanced wipe says: E: unable to wipe /usb-otg -- unknown file system 'auto'
    I assume problem should be software related, so anybody of knows anything about it I would appreciate some help.
    Thank you.

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