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Hello there,
My name is Rosie and I have had my HTC Wildfire S phone for nearly a year. Recently, (for two weeks or so) I have had problems charging my phone. I searched up why it wouldn't charge and I heard that it should work if you take out the SIM card. I did this and it worked! But now that I am trying it again, it doesn't. I have attempted to connect my phone to the computer and an orange light flashed four times then did nothing. My battery is completely gone, so my phone won't work.
This is really frustrating me - I need to charge my phone! Please tell me how to fix this.


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1) If taking out the SIM card makes the phone charge, the SIM card is very defective. (In all the years I've been in the business I've never come across a SIM card that defective.) It was a coincidence.

2) It sounds as if the microUSB port on your phone is either loose or defective. Examine it with a strong light, under a strong magnifying glass. The "bar" across the center should go straight across, not lean on the shell on either side. There should be no dirt particles inside the connector (and I'm talking about particles smaller than the tip of a very fine needle - carbide particles are so small and light that they float in the air). Those are the two most common charging problems with cellphones.

If wiggling the charger cord in the port causes the phone to charge - even for a second - you need a new charger port. (Wiggling a live charger cord around like that can eventually destroy the motherboard in the phone.) Unfortunately you're talking about a $2 (retail) part that usually costs $50 or more for the labor to replace it.