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Charging to 100% battery.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by oxyg3n520, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. oxyg3n520

    oxyg3n520 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi as you guys already know, on the Samsung Captivate you can go to Settings>About Phone>Status to check the % of battery life your phone still has. Well, when I charge my phone and just the second that it pops up a notification saying it is 100% full and tells me to unplug it, I unplug it but right when I unplugged the device, the battery life percentage actually drops back down to about 94-97% of life, not 100? Then when I plug it back in to charge, it says charging at only about 91% battery life. Why is this, does this occur to any of you guys? Is it that when it says 100% full I still have to keep it plugged for longer to get the maximum juice to go into the phone? Thanks!

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  2. Chris_Marie

    Chris_Marie Member

    Yes it does happen with my phone. I have read a few things here and there that this happens. I just leave it plugged up for a while after it gives me the notification. If you don't use a battery widget you may want to download one. I use Battery Life from CurveFish, that way I don't have to go into the settings to see what the percentage is at (I have checked and it has always been accurate with what the phone states checking through settings).
  3. tman42

    tman42 Newbie

    Sounds like you may need to recalibrate your battery.
  4. fldude99

    fldude99 Android Expert

    I've found that when that happens, if you power off the phone and charge it to 100% while off, it brings it back up to 100% when turned on. May have to do that a couple times tho
  5. iffrett

    iffrett Well-Known Member

    There was an article about this before. It is really bad for the life expectancy of the battery to have it maintained at 100%. Thus, it automatically discharges it to its never actually quite full
  6. rubiconjp

    rubiconjp Android Enthusiast

    Sure, but I still like the explanation I read earlier - like putting air into your tire.. when you pull the chuck away, a little air always escapes.
  7. dario69

    dario69 Newbie

    This isn't just an Android thing. I have seen this with my HD2. It could be manufacturer dependent, how they code their battery driver to just stop charging after hitting 100%. It does make sense to just stop charging once you hit 100%. The drops in battery life I have seen when I unplugged the charger does correspond to the drops with running the phone on standby. Now if you just hit 100%, unplug the phone and see it drop a few % points, I think you really have a problem.
  8. thaseus

    thaseus Newbie

    I bet your problem is you are using another charger other than what came with your phone. Mine was doing this, until I realized I was charging it with my bluetooth headset charger. It was not giving out the correct milliamp. As soon as I used the right charger, it worked perfectly again.
  9. simbill

    simbill Newbie

    There was an article/thread i have seen somewhere on the interwebs regarding the captivate's battery calibration and or deep cycling. I know when i first got the phone little things like the OP stated drove me NUTS.. But i can honestly say with just 2 weeks of complete full to dead battery drain seems to have paid off. My battery lasts longer, and charges more efficiently. I really need a good fully integrated spellcheck for my phone. Any suggestions? Running 2.2 ucji6
  10. Fremen

    Fremen Newbie

    This makes sense. I know from chemistry class that it's a really simple electrolysis reaction and it can't go all the way either way (I think), and that it degrades over time as it goes back and forth.

    Personally, I have an app called "Battery Status" and I use that instead of the built in battery meter. It works fine for me and is scaled to 100%.

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