Cheap, rootable, 4G phone for home Internet use


Hi. My name is Framerate, and I am a heavy data consumer.

*monotone crowd voice* "Hi Framerate."

My home ISP is implementing data caps on me. Data caps that I am in fear of breaking. I'd consider it a reasonable fear considering my data usage from the past couple of months before the cap are more than twice the allotted amount. I've considered several options, and the following is one of them:

I still have a grandfathered Verizon Wireless unlimited date plan. However, I happen to already own a phone that isn't a Droid *coughiPhonecough* and I don't wish to switch to Droid as my primary mobile device. However, my brother in law suggested I get an unlocked 4G rootable phone to use at home in conjunction with my home ISP to mitigate the data use, and swap SIM cards when I leave the house or come home. So my question is, what is a cheap 4G phone that I could get unlocked, that would be able to provide a good source of fast Internet for one PC (good Wi-Fi hotspot not required, wired USB is fine), that is also rootable, unlocked, and did I mention cheap? Also cheap. Suddenlink has already taken my money in overage charges. It needs to be something I can pay for with my penny jar :D

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, I know this post mentions rooting but I am asking about the phone market, not how to root or which root to toot ;)



The TechnoFrog
I have a motorola droid razr m and it does this perfectly. It was only $100 with a 2 year agreement. Still a bit pricey but it works great.