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Cheaper to cancel than upgrade?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by Aragorn, May 24, 2011.

  1. Aragorn

    Aragorn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So, I'm interested in the new Evo 3D coming out "soon". By the time it comes out it will be 12 months since I bought my original Evo (maybe 13, I hope it doesn't take that long). Sprint is only offering me $75 off the price of the phone. If I were a new customer the subsidy is $300. My early termination fee is $120. So, doing a quick bit of math, if I cancel and sign up as a new customer, I could save $180. That's insanity.

    I called up Sprint tonight and asked if my assessment was correct. They said it was. I asked if there was anything they could do. They said there was not.

    Is Sprint really incentivizing me to cancel? What good does the churn do for them? Is there any other way?

    As a note, I don't care about my phone number. I use Google Voice so the actual number on my phone is irrelevant.

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  2. badankles

    badankles Android Expert

    do what works for you, but be careful regarding verbal discussion with sprint. find out for sure in writing somewhere in case there is a forced duration between termination and reinstating. i'd be interested to know how it works out for you.
  3. cobalt

    cobalt Well-Known Member

    I've heard that there *is* a forced duration with Sprint: you have to cancel and stay cancelled for a while before you're eligible for "new" customer pricing. A lot of other companies it's like 3 months; wouldn't be surprised if Sprint's is similar.
  4. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    If you cancel out of your contract even if paying the ETF your name/ss# are unable to reactivate using the discount for 90 days. They thought that "loophole" out long time ago.
  5. Aragorn

    Aragorn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Curses! Foiled again! Just for my peace of mind, can you link me to where that is documented?
  6. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    Not sure where you can find it. I've just been told that by a friend who works at the sprint store when I asked the same exact question.
  7. Aragorn

    Aragorn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Can I add a second line to my account, use that to get the Evo 3D, then cancel the first line? Or, is there some sort of method to screw me there too?
  8. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    Haven't heard of anyone trying that. It might work...?
  9. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Do a search through the forums but I remember reading in the past few days that several users were successful in getting Sprint to reinstate the year upgrade (full subsidized) because when they got the Evo they were considered Premium. Apparently Sprint is only doing this when asked to do it and only this year. Again know some users have done this but I can't remember what section it was in. I want to say the email address was sprintcares@sprint.com.
  10. cobalt

    cobalt Well-Known Member

    Here's one thread you might have been referring to with a little bit of detail -- it's apparently called an upgrade override:

  11. Aragorn

    Aragorn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm afraid that won't work for me. I was a brand new Sprint customer when I bought my EVO 4G last year. It sounds like this upgrade override only applies to people who were previously getting new phones every year.

    As annoying as it seems, I think I might just have to grin and bear it and pay the full price for the damn phone.
  12. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Still worth a try. Like I said at the time you purchased the Evo you were immediately a Sprint Premier customer and they took it away recently so they will probably do it.
  13. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    Really? I would be more mad at them, for pulling the rug from under you.

    Annual upgrades were an advertised benefit, when you signed your Sprint contract. Subject to change or not, I feel swindled. If/when I cancel sprint, I certainly wouldnt sign another 2 year contract with them.
  14. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Policies change and they do some math and figure out "Hey we can add money to our bottom line by not subsidizing phones for our lowest paying customers and make it a perk for the phones that pay us the most". They are in the business of staying in business and making money. Having said all that all a customer has to do is call in and request an Upgrade Override and they are resetting it for a one time deal. They were pretty transparent about the change to the new Premier program and in fact put it in writing months before they flipped the switch. It sucks for a lot of people for sure, but being mad about it for more than a day or two is a bit much. Obviously I am one of those that qualifies for the Annual upgrade, so I am biased, but it validates my extra expense (for me) in my mind.
  15. lvpre

    lvpre Lurker

    Wouldn't you also lose your number if you canceled? Because you really aren't porting your number to another carrier.
  16. Aragorn

    Aragorn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    From the original post:
  17. Artloveskc

    Artloveskc Lurker

    Hi, Art here from the Premier team. We have established a new inbox to receive these inquiries. Please email UpgradeRestore@sprint.com with your mobile number, the name on the account, and the date which your upgrade was or would have been available and we'll see if we can restore it. Thanks so much, -art
  18. TheBarron

    TheBarron Member

    Do this. Art is the man, and if you're an EVO release day Sprint convert, you can get your primary line 1 year upgrade back this once.

    Thanks again, Art.
  19. Jonhern

    Jonhern Well-Known Member

    Yeah,they offered that to me but said I only had one month to use it,ie I could only get the evo 3d which I don't want. I finally was able to cancel because of complaints I filed with the FCC and bbb about changes in surcharges and their flase advertising for premier. They let me out of the contract mainly because of the surcharges without etf. I did not want to stay with them anyway, was very angry they changed premier like that,I don't feel $88 a month for one line, and that is with a 11% discount, makes me a low paying customer. And I was a long term customer, when my family switched to Verizon I stayed with Sprint along with my brother. And they offered nothing for me to stay, and while I am still technically paying them,switched to virgin, I am going to be saving over $800 a year. They could have kept me if they left premier alone, it was one of the main reasons I stuck with them last year instead of waiting until last November when my contract was up and I could have gone elsewhere. But guess Sprint is fine losing customers over a simple thing.
  20. Artloveskc

    Artloveskc Lurker

    Update - Attention Premier customers
  21. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Android Expert

    Most people don't know, but you are upgrade eligible at month 22 of 24 months on contract. Also, most people don't know that Early Termination Fees are pro-rated by Sprint (and Verizon) now. So, if you only have a few months left on your Contract your ETF could be as low as $50. If you ask Sprint about this they will hesitate to tell you it's true, but it is. Now if we do the math:

    $50 Early Termination Fee
    $200 New Customer Pricing
    $250 versus $300-$600 for full price of phone to upgrade

    So, yes. It can be cheaper to cancel than the upgrade. Often if you explain this to a Customer Retention Assistant they will help you out... especially if you mention that switching from Sprint would be even cheaper. Sprint would be stupid to not go ahead and give you new customer pricing if it's cheaper for you to cancel and go with another carrier than to stay with Sprint.

    Note; If you cancel with Sprint and want to stay with Sprint then you have to wait 24 hours to re-sign back up with Sprint. You can, however, keep your phone number. I've discussed this with several different representatives and there is nothing against their policies in doing this. More often than not they will try to work something out for you rather than go through this fiasco.

    Also note; Verizon wont be so nice. They'll politely tell you to go ahead and cancel with them. I had one Verizon Rep tell me (quote)"We don't need your business, go ahead and go with Sprint."... Also, Verizon's 'waiting period' to sign back up is 48 hours.

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