Ed Derz

May 17, 2017
I recently started having the issue of having to "check the battery cover" on my S5 every 5 minutes. There is so much on the WEB about this, but no "definitive" answer. I tried the following and for the past 3 days have not seen the warning.

I removed the back cover and the micro SD card. I cleaned the memory card contacts with a soft eraser and reinserted, then cleaned the back cover with a damp cloth, and where the silicon gasket contacts the back of the phone. After putting it back together and restarting, things seemed "normal"
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The issue came back and no amount of cleaning seemed to help. I found a thread elsewhere which seemed to resolve the issue- Hopefully for good this time.,

This applies to people who have a Samsung wireless charging back cover. If you remove that, there are 5 metal contacts that do not exist in the standard cover. Place a small piece of masking take over the upper 2 contacts nearest the camera, then replace the cover. I confirmed this does not impact the charging function. I also looked for a replacement back cover assuming that was bad and found that there are 3rd party covers which only have the lower 3 contacts, so that gave me additional confidence in this fix.