Root Check it out sucka! CyanogenMod ROM to be released soon!


So... sorry if I'm late to the party, but how come everyone's so excited about Cyanogen coming to the Eris?

Better performance? More features? Awesome graphics?

I've seen everyone on the xda forum asking when we'll get it, but never really understood why it's a big deal...

Either way, I'm sure i'll give it a try, whatever it is. I always like to fiddle with stuff :D


I did... all I saw was you and the other guys arguing over who was going to release it first, and then who's release was going to be better... no mention of WHAT makes it so cool.

Edit: Nvm, didn't see the official White Widow announcement. I was just linking to the thread in your OP. Looks awesome... once the bugs are worked out I'll definitely try it.


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bugs are a thing of the past. check under the bugs report, there not much there. and OC is coming soon with multitouch