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Checkin here if your happy with your Gnex and plan on keeping it.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Connectz, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. mears

    mears Lurker

    Returning. 4G is completely broken and too many dropped calls.

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  2. quiklives

    quiklives Android Enthusiast

    I'm really amused by how a thread about being happy with your phone has so many people saying "I don't like it!" As if there aren't already enough threads about the myriad reasons why someone might choose not to like their phone, they must state everywhere that they do not like it. Or perhaps they think this is a poll and are concerned that the "this phone sucks" crowd is under-represented?
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  3. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert

    Phone is nearly perfect, IMO and I could see myself keeping and using this phone for the full 2 years of my contract. Which is something I've never done (this is my 4th Android phone in 17 months)
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  4. Dukins

    Dukins Member

    No way I'm returning mine. Seems odd but after the 4g outage my phone has been operating a lot better since. My 4g and 3G switches instant, etc. my connectivity issues were fixed with the outage.
  5. davey11

    davey11 Member

    Super happy mainly because of the huge number of big time developers who have got this phone and the sheer volume of high quality roms, kernels, and mods this phone has after only a couple weeks. Imagine a couple months from now.
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  6. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast

    It's not perfect (with constant updates from Google it soon will be), but I love my gnex!! Same goes for my wife, she loves hers too.
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  7. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast

    After many initial bumps in the road my Nexus is rockin the sh*t. Improve the camera and I'm golden.

    Received my DIZ tpu case and screen protector. Looks good and I don't feel like I need to baby the phone any longer.
  8. durangojim

    durangojim Android Enthusiast

    I love it and this is the first android device and software combo that I consider to be a great total package.
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  9. budwizer

    budwizer Well-Known Member

    Keeping mine. Absolutely a great phone IMO. Gave the wife my RAZR which she is loving BTW. Don't think there is anything wrong with either phone, just personal preferences that each needs to make on their own.
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  10. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Android Expert

    +1, love my GNex. there is not a better phone on the market right now, and i doubt that there will be until well after CES. others may offer a specific advantage in one area, but as an all-around device, the GNex is boss. :cool:
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  11. gapi

    gapi Android Expert

    Was Shaky At First.

    1. Unreliable notification light. Went away, all better now.
    2. Battery life was iffy. Got better, much better with time.
    3. Scary signal strength. Turned out to be Network Probs.
    4. External volume levels were too low. Equalizer app took care of that.

    In call quality is better than my OG Droid was too. Lovin it.
  12. reimerj

    reimerj Newbie

    I do love the Nexus! It is almost the perfect phone. The screen is awesome! It runs Very well without lag of any kind! Easy to root and unroot! Incredible support from very talented developers! That being said I need a phone to be a phone first then the fun things as I have to depend on my phone for work. I having issues with my mic stopping. It has only happened one time on a important call but it is critical for it not to happen at all. For this reason and possibly the audio quality I may be trading for the Rezound. :mad:

  13. cmorie

    cmorie Lurker

    Keeping my gnex too. Only issue is random rebooting. It happens maybe once a day so it's not a huge issue.

    Happy Buyer here.
  14. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    K-9 supports searching, so if that's your only complaint it may be sufficient for you. Go to the menu on the account list screen.
  15. T-Keith

    T-Keith Android Enthusiast

    Very happy here. My only complaints are the size (wouldn't be so bad it weren't so slippery), and the camera (sad that my almost two year old dinc's is better) .

    Other than that it is great!
  16. gapi

    gapi Android Expert

    Yeh, I hate rubberized anything that will turn your pocket inside out but the OG Droid has a happy medium back surface I would like on the GN.
  17. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    Camera is pretty much my only complain. It's not bad, but not great either. Be sure to get AF lock before taking shot as zero shutter lag doesn't mean zero AF time.

    I think it can use better image processing for low light shots so this will probably see improvement with updates. 5MP is not the reason for this, but sadly still some reviewers blame it for not great camera.
  18. AirPirate

    AirPirate Newbie

    After waiting so long for the Verizon Fascinate updates, (just got Gingerbread!), I swore that if Verizon ever carried a Nexus, I would jump on it, and I did.

    It has shown some weirdness (calls straight to voicemail, some force closes, etc), but it feels great to finally enjoy the pure Google experience and to know that updates will come to us first. Like others have said, I plan on enjoying my GNex for the full two years and maybe even more.
  19. SBCT

    SBCT Member

    Its a keeper!! Of course its not perfect but nothing is. What would we all do with our lives if we couldn't come here all the time in search of tweaks and improvements for our devices? This phone is light years ahead of my old Eris. Now that i'm back rooted and got my wireless tether running, I am one happy camper!! Not to mention ICS is everything I ever dreamed android would evolve in to.
  20. DizzyMP

    DizzyMP Member

    Loving it, and keeping it. I haven't had a single issue that others seem to be having.
  21. MsGadget13

    MsGadget13 Lurker

    So far it's awesome. Haven't been to work to test the signal at my desk yet, but so far I really like it.

    I've been on it constantly, so battery life seems better than my Charge or Fascinate was. I have 3 standard battery kits. I don't like extended ones.

  22. nixter1911

    nixter1911 Newbie

    I absolutely LOVE my phone. I came from the Moto Droid 2 and I love everything about the GNex!!!
    The problem is that people focus more on the bad even when it doesn't outweigh the good. There are going to be problems with ANY phone that someone gets, it's just a matter of the customer wanting to deal with it.
    Sure, the GN battery life is crappy. So turn off bluetooth and screen brightness and all the other things that will help. Also I bought the extended battery and it's much better! Oh and those new fancy car chargers? They work great when you're driving and don't want your phone to die! :D

    I think people just enjoy finding flaws in everything. So that's my happy rant about my GNex. ^_^
  23. boxercrazy

    boxercrazy Lurker

    No complaints....loving it...:D
  24. Lunacy

    Lunacy Member

    Day 1 device. Loving it.
  25. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    I'm keeping it. Unlocked, rooted and now ROM'd with AXI0M 2.3. Absolutely no issues outside of the speakerphone being too quiet. I have missed some calls/texts/emails even with sound full blast.

    @Gapi, having used the Equalizer App, do you fear it will blow your speaker? I would like to find a solution for the quietness of the speakerphone without damaging my phone. I can't help but wonder why they (Samsung) would have decided on such a quiet speakerphone.

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