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My phone checks for e-mail when it is only sent to synch once a month. It keeps checking e-mail all the time which I dont want it to do. Is there something I should be setting up to stop it doing this? Please help. :)

Russell Ng

Android Expert
What email app are you using? The stock?

Sync actually doesn't tell it when to sync. I think its meant for how long back the emails would be shown. For when it downloads the emails there is another setting. You likely have set it to push.... meaning its pretty instant if you have data on. I am upgrading phone firmware currently so can't check in detail, but you might have settings for only manually checking your emails which should be what you want.


PS-You can off the data line when you don't want to use it by long pressing on the power button and selecting the appropriate selection.


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i personally would go to settings/accounts and sync/
and turn off the sync settings...

then you can choose when to sync as you please..

hope it works out for you!

Russell Ng

Android Expert
Ok... Checked.

There are 2 types of sync.

1) Period to sync email: For showing emails from how far back.

2) Sync schedule (under Push service settings right at the bottom): For selecting manual or push (Push is instant)