Help Checking email fails


Had my Moment over a year now and running the latest software. I remember some posts on the forum about problems with checking email. Endless loop, etc. Mine seems to have gotten worse for some reason. What was the solution...if any?

What is happening is I check a Yahoo and Comcast POP account. Sometimes it gets them right away and sometimes it gets in to the endless loop of just checking. If I reboot the phone it will work again. Nothing else seems to work.


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Do you have any data connection at the time? Many Moments suffer from "data lockup" which is most likely to occur after quiting a wifi session. Sometimes data will restore itself eventually, but usually it requires a reboot. I used to reboot after quiting wifi as a habit. The last update for the phone was supposed to address the issue, but didn't.


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Have you tried deleting/re-adding the accounts?

The Wife has no problems with Yahoo in her email app. I had a problem with Hotmail not syncing the deleted emails, so I deleted that app and just check it through the browser.