can anyone help me with my problem. my home screen goes blank when i receive
or make a call. i can still have a conversation, but the only way to bring the screen back is to remove the battery for a few seconds.:(

scary alien

not really so scary
Welcome to the AndroidForums, cheriepie37!

I'm not totally sure about the answer to your question...what kind of phone do you have?

Some phones (maybe all, not sure) have a proximity sensor that is used to sense when you put the phone up to your ear and blank the screen. I supose it could be broken or possible dirty / blocked...?

Try to carefully examine the top portion of your phone and see if there is any loose debris like pocket lint, etc. that might be causing the proximity sensor to be always on.

Failing that, you could ask in your phone's home forum or possibly contact your carrier about a possible replacement.

Good luck and again, welcome to AF!